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Allergen Immunotherapy
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The Journal of allergy and clinical immunology
SQ HDM SLIT-tablet significantly increased serum HDM-specific IgG4 and IgE blocking factor, and significantly decreased early phase nasal symptoms after nasal allergen challenge. No significant effects on cytokines or gene expression in nasal mucosa were observed.
The Journal of allergy and clinical immunology 
AbstractText: Three years treatment with either sublingual or subcutaneous allergen immunotherapy has been shown to be effective and to induce long ... immune response displayed significant and coordinate alterations during 2 years allergen desensitization, followed by reversal at 3 years, reflecting a lack of a durable immunological effect ... partially inhibited one year following discontinuation AbstractText: Two years of allergen immunotherapy were effective but insufficient for long-term tolerance.
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AbstractText: The European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI) has produced Guidelines on Allergen Immunotherapy (AIT. We sought to gauge the preparedness of primary care to participate in the delivery of AIT in Europe AbstractText: We undertook a mixed-methods, situational analysis. This involved a purposeful literature search, and two surveys: one to primary care clinicians and the other ...
Allergy (2), more mentions
Annals of allergy, asthma & immunology : official publication of the American College of Allergy, Asthma, & Immunology
... review AbstractText: Advantages and drawbacks of pure and defined recombinant allergens and peptides over allergen extracts in the context of allergy research, diagnosis, and allergen immunotherapy are discussed ... The possibility of prophylactic vaccination based on recombinant fusion proteins consisting of viral carrier proteins and allergen-derived peptides without allergenic activity are also discussed AbstractText: During ... sequences were determined, which led to a production of recombinant allergens that mimic biochemically and immunologically their natural counterparts.
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Clinical and experimental allergy : journal of the British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology
Allergen specific immunotherapy (SIT) alleviates symptoms, improves health-related quality of life and alters the natural course of the disease in patients suffering from allergic rhinitis. It is currently delivered in the UK National Health Service (NHS) via 2 modalities namely subcutaneous injection immunotherapy (SCIT) and sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT. The latter has a superior safety profile - anaphylaxis is a rare ...
Vaccines (1)
Rhinitis (2), Anaphylaxis (1), more mentions
Current opinion in allergy and clinical immunology
AbstractText: Allergen immunotherapy (AIT) is currently the only curative treatment available for allergic diseases, and has been used in clinical practice for over a century... In humans BREG frequency increases during venom immunotherapy while the phenotype of allergen-specific B cells changes. Mechanisms of BREG-mediated tolerance to allergens include IL-10-mediated suppression of effector T cell, including TH2 ...
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Autoimmune Diseases (1), more mentions
AbstractText: Since 1988, numerous allergen immunotherapy guidelines (AIT-GLs) have been developed by national and international organizations to guide physicians in AIT... Our study and AGREE-II could help to select the best candidate AbstractText: We here evaluate allergen immunotherapy guideline (AIT-GL) quality... Keyword: allergen immunotherapy. Keyword: allergic rhinitis.
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A key aim in the cancer field is therefore to design interventions that can break immunological tolerance and halt cancer progression, whereas on the contrary allergen immunotherapy exactly aims to induce tolerance. In this position paper, we review insights on immune tolerance derived from allergy and from cancer inflammation, focusing on what is known about the roles of key immune ...
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American journal of rhinology & allergy
... allergic rhinitis (AR) AbstractText: In this paper, alternative products to treat allergic rhinitis and alternative routes for allergy immunotherapy are reviewed AbstractText: Alternative products and methods used instead of immunotherapy are tea therapy, acupuncture, Nigella sativa, cinnamon bark, Spanish needle, acerola, capsaicin (Capsicum annum), allergen-absorbing ointment, and cellulose powder.
Rhinitis (3), Allergy (2), more mentions
Allergy and asthma proceedings
AbstractText: Studies on real-life adherence to subcutaneous allergen immunotherapy (SCIT) for respiratory allergy are scarce. The aim of this study was to evaluate adherence to SCIT AbstractText: The patients prescribed SCIT for allergic rhinitis and/or asthma in 2009-2011 were contacted in 2014 and asked whether they completed at least the 3 years of SCIT and/or whether ...
Asthma (2), Allergy (1), Rhinitis (1), more mentions
PloS one
... 8/19) of HDM-allergic individuals.Using combined transcriptome and immunoproteome approaches, we provide a comprehensive characterization of D. farinae and D. pteronyssinus allergomes. We expanded the known allergen repertoire for D. pteronyssinus and identified two novel HDM allergens, now officially referred by the International Union of Immunological Societies (IUIS) Nomenclature Subcommittee as Der f 36 and Der p 36.
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Current opinion in allergy and clinical immunology
Volumes are however small or highly diluted through reflex tearing AbstractText: Secretions reflect the local inflammatory activity and provide valuable information about the immunological reaction to allergens at the target organ. There is increasing evidence of the potential clinical role of their analysis, for diagnosis, and monitoring of allergic rhino-conjunctivitis.
Conjunctivitis (1), more mentions
Immunology and allergy clinics of North America
Food allergy results from a loss of oral tolerance toward ingested antigens. Oral immunotherapy is thought to initiate desensitization through interaction of an allergen with mucosal dendritic cells that initiate downstream immune system modulation through regulatory T cells and effector T cells Keyword: CD4(+) T cells. Keyword: Dendritic cells. Keyword: Food allergy.
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