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Obstetrics & Gynecology in the News
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Healthline News
Menopause Can Disrupt Your Sleep. Experts say women going through menopause can experience serious disruptions in sleep... How does menopause affect sleep... Control and Prevention (CDC), women who are going through menopausal transition are more likely to be sleep-deprived than ... the health and well-being of women going through menopausal transition.
Women's Health (5), Sleep Disorders (4), Endocrine Disorders (1)
Cardiovascular Diseases (1), Obstructive Sleep Apnea (1), Diabetes Mellitus (1)
CNN (United States)
Ivanka Trump reveals struggle with postpartum depression... of my three children, I had some level of postpartum depression," Trump said... When host Dr. Mehmet Oz asked, why talk about postpartum depression... shows that about one in nine women experiences postpartum depression... birth complications -- also place women at higher risk of postpartum depression.
Postpartum Depression (6)
ABC News
Ivanka Trump reveals she struggled with postpartum depression... daughter Ivanka Trump has revealed that she struggled with postpartum depression after giving birth to each of her three children ... to, but believes "it's incredibly important," and added that postpartum depression affects new parents indiscriminately... Approximately one in nine women experiences postpartum depression, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control ...
Neuroscience (11)
Postpartum Depression (9), Depressive Disorder (2)
Prostate Cancer News
Impact365: Exquisite Magazine holds SMEARathon screening exercise for cervical cancer (PHOTOS) - Prostate Cancer News Today... The EMAC Walk which has held quarterly since 2006 aims to “increase the awareness for cervical, breast and prostate cancer and in the process promoting its partners and sponsors.” Attendees participated in a fitness training ...
Oncology (5)
Prostatic Neoplasms (2), Uterine Cervical Neoplasms (2), Neoplasms (1)
U.S. Food & Drug Administration - FDA - MedWatch (FDA)
... supplier of the polypropylene used to manufacture Boston Scientific’s urogynecologic surgical mesh currently on the market does not raise ... for the FDA to determine whether or not the urogynecologic surgical mesh manufactured from the alleged counterfeit raw material are equivalent to the urogynecologic surgical mesh manufactured from the original raw material supplier ...
PMS, Novatek collaborate to provide integrated contamination control solution for manufacturing processes... Particle Measuring Systems (PMS), a global expert in sterility assurance, and Novatek International, the leader in regulatory compliant data management software, today announced a ... PMS is focused on providing complete sterility assurance solutions to the life sciences industry.
Reproductive Sterility (2)
Research finds postpartum depressive symptoms in 45% of parents when newborns leave NICU... Almost half of parents whose children were admitted to Children's National Health System's neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) experienced postpartum depressive symptoms, anxiety and stress when their newborns were discharged from the hospital. And parents who were the most anxious also were the most depressed, according to ...
Pediatrics (1)
Depressive Disorder (1), Mood Disorders (1)
... Administration for the Prevention of Short-Term Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection After Pelvic Surgery - Full Text View... after catheter discontinuation for the prevention of catheter-associated urinary tract infections in patients with postoperative short-term catheterization following pelvic reconstructive surgery and/or urinary incontinence surgery ... Patients that undergo pelvic organ prolapse and/or urinary incontinence surgery and fail their post-operative voiding trial will ...
Urology (5)
Urinary Tract Infections (3), Urinary Incontinence (2), Pelvic Organ Prolapse (1)
... Rehabilitation Method and a Specific Rehabilitation Method of the Cervical Spine - Full Text View... a more specific therapy based on the aged-related cervical problems seems to be essential... The cervical spine is a link between different systems which regulate balance, as the visual, vestibular and cervical systems (muscular, articular afferents ...
Muscular and Skeletal Diseases (1)
Contracture (1)
Prevention experts propose easing advice on number of cervical cancer screenings... Pap test and an HPV test to screen for cervical cancer, many women should get just one or the ... from a woman's cervix, are effective at screening for cervical cancer... up diagnostic work-ups can be problematic, leading to vaginal bleeding and infection or fertility problems later on, said ...
Oncology (8)
Uterine Cervical Neoplasms (8), Vaginal Bleeding (1), Infections (1)
... of Intravascular Injection Between Blunt and Sharp Needles During Cervical Transforaminal Epidural Block... Cervical transforaminal epidural block is an effective treatment option of ... fluoroscopy demonstrated that the incidence of intravascular injection of cervical transforaminal epidural block is higher than that of lumbosacral ... the investigators investigate the incidence of intravascular injection during cervical transforaminal epidural block using blunt needle, compared to the ...
Infections (1), Cerebral Infarction (1)
BASKA Mask Versus Endo Tracheal Tube in Gynecological Laparoscopic Surgery - Full Text View... Compared with previous versions, these modifications have made BASKA mask airway a fairly safe and effective airway device in low-risk patients undergoing gynecologic laparoscopic surgeries.
CBC News Canada
Age matters when it comes to screening for cervical cancer - Health... aged women can choose which test to undergo for cervical cancer screening, according to a draft recommendation from an ... Women and providers should continue to recognize that cervical cancer is a serious disease that can be prevented ... identified early through screening can have effective treatment for cervical cancer and go on to lead robust lives," said ...
Oncology (16)
Uterine Cervical Neoplasms (12), Neoplasms (4), Infections (1)
Hormone therapy for menopausal symptoms does not increase mortality risk, according to a ... Hormone therapy is known to reduce menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes and to decrease the ... alone versus the use of placebo among predominantly healthy menopausal women to assess the benefits and risks of taking ... guidelines endorsing the use of hormone therapy for recently menopausal women to manage bothersome hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms ...
Oncology (2), Muscular and Skeletal Diseases (1), Cardiovascular Diseases (1)
Neoplasms (2)
NEJM - Physician's First Watch
Menopausal Hormone Therapy Not Associated with Mortality Risk — Physician’s First Watch... Menopausal hormone therapy does not put women at increased risk for death, according to ... findings "compelling and reassuring." She concludes: "For women with troubling vasomotor symptoms, premature menopause, or early-onset osteoporosis, hormone therapy appears to be both safe and efficacious.
Women's Health (2), Oncology (1), Muscular and Skeletal Diseases (1)
Osteoporosis (1), Premature Menopause (1), Neoplasms (1)
NEJM - Physician's First Watch
USPSTF Draft Recommendation Eliminates Cervical Cytology-HPV Cotesting for Women Over 30 — Physician’s First Watch... Women aged 30–65 should undergo cervical cancer screening with either cervical cytology alone every 3 years or high-risk human papillomavirus (HPV) testing alone every 5 years, according to a draft recommendation statement from ...
Oncology (1)
Uterine Cervical Neoplasms (1)
... the Treatment of Female Subjects With Bladder Pain Syndrome/Interstitial Cystitis - Full Text View... of ASP6294 in female participants with Bladder Pain Syndrome/Interstitial Cystitis (BPS/IC... bladder pain syndrome (ESSIC) definition for bladder pain syndrome/interstitial cystitis (BPS/IC): pelvic pain, pressure or discomfort perceived to be related to the ...
Men's Health (1), Urology (1)
Interstitial Cystitis (9), Cystitis (2), Mental Disorders (1)
Transanal Total Mesorectal Excision for Rectal Cancer on Anal Physiology + Fecal Incontinence - Full Text View. Low Anterior Resection (LAR) surgery can be done using various techniques. The traditional technique for performing the surgery is through one or multiple incision(s) in the muscular wall of the abdomen. This will allow the surgeon to gain access to inside the belly (Abdominal ...
Urology (2), Oncology (2)
Fecal Incontinence (2), Rectal Neoplasms (2)
Effectiveness of Kinesiotaping in Primary Dysmenorrhea - Full Text View... be performed at the end of each treatment, when menstrual pain disappears (4-5 days after the beginning of the menstrual bleeding ... Primary dysmenorrhea is defined as cramping pain in the lower abdomen ... Dysmenorrhea is estimated to occur in 45% to 90% of ...
Women's Health (4)
CNN (United States)
Postpartum depression: There's an easy, effective time to screen moms... When it goes unrecognized, postpartum depression can grow serious... Also, mothers with postpartum depression have an increased risk of future depressive episodes... simple and effective way to reduce the burden of postpartum depression -- provided that diagnosis and treatment can be offered," van ...
Neuroscience (32), Pediatrics (2)
Postpartum Depression (12), Premature Birth (1)
Chemoradiation should remain standard treatment for locally advanced cervical cancer... remain the standard treatment for patients with locally advanced cervical cancer... been the standard treatment for patients with locally advanced cervical cancer since 1999 when it was shown to improve ... tumor could improve outcomes in patients with locally advanced cervical cancer compared to standard treatment with chemoradiation.
Oncology (12)
Uterine Cervical Neoplasms (10), Neoplasms (3), Infections (1)
22. Optimizing Cervical Cancer Screening Modalities  
Date: 09/08/2017 12:00
Optimizing Cervical Cancer Screening Modalities - Full Text View... Number of women that participate in Cervical Cancer Screening in the control (VIA) compared with the ... factors associated with uptake and adherence of two different cervical cancer screening procedures [ Time Frame: With in 1 year ... Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer in women ...
Oncology (13), Women's Health (1)
Uterine Cervical Neoplasms (12), Papilloma (2), Neoplasms (1)
Prostate Cancer News
Seattle Genetics Highlights Promising Data with Tisotumab Vedotin in Cervical Cancer at ESMO 2017 Congress - Prostate Cancer News Today. 15:32 GMT. Seattle Genetics,Inc. Posted on: 08 Sep 17 Seattle Genetics, Inc. (NASDAQ: SGEN) today announced that preliminary clinical data for tisotumab vedotin from a Genmab-sponsored phase 1/2 clinical trial (GEN701) are being featured in ...
Oncology (4)
Uterine Cervical Neoplasms (2), Prostatic Neoplasms (1)
Women were classed as being post-menopausal if they had not had a menstrual cycle for more than 1 year or their ovaries ... Women were said to be peri-menopausal if they no longer menstruated and their last menstrual cycle was up to 1 year ago ... Women were pre-menopausal if they still had a menstrual cycle.
Women's Health (6), Cardiovascular Diseases (4), Endocrine Disorders (2)
Diabetes Mellitus (2), Hypertension (2), Heart Diseases (2)
25. Why Do Some Women Undergo Vaginal Rejuvenation?  
Date: 09/07/2017 17:00
Healthline News
This treatment also helps eliminate stress incontinence, a common issue for women who have given birth ... I see so many promises that vaginal rejuvenation is going to fix your stress incontinence... in 2017, ACOG highlighted issues of concern related to vaginal rejuvenation and other cosmetic vaginal procedures... procedures and their potential complications, including infection, altered sensation, dyspareunia, adhesions, and scarring.
Urology (2), Women's Health (1)
Pelvic Organ Prolapse (2), Prolapse (2), Infections (1)
... immunizes against nine genotypes of HPV known to cause cervical cancer, as well as vulvar, vaginal and anal cancers and genital warts caused by HPV ... HPV genotypes known to cause about 70 percent of cervical cancer and two other genotypes that cause genital warts... prevention of HPV-related anogenital cancers and precancers, and genital warts.
Vaccines (20), Oncology (13)
Uterine Cervical Neoplasms (10), Infections (6), Condylomata Acuminata (3)
Misoprostol for Cervical Priming Before Office Hysteroscopy - Full Text View... of pain sensation represented through VAS between oral and vaginal misoprostol for cervical ripening before office hysteroscopy... oral misoprostol group was approximately 6.04 ± 1.5, while in vaginal misoprostol group was approximately 2.8 ± 1.2... reproductive age that requires diagnostic hysteroscopy for investigation of infertility or AUB.
Infertility (1)
BBC News (United Kingdom)
Why I use Instagram to tell my endometriosis story. The NHS has brought in new guidelines on endometriosis with the aim of reducing delays in treatment... reasons for Katie's extreme pain, including muscular problems, a urinary tract infection, irritable bowel syndrome, a sexually transmitted disease, and "part of growing up as a woman ...
Women's Health (8), Neuroscience (1), Urology (1)
Endometriosis (8), Chronic Pain (2), Sexually Transmitted Diseases (2)
New guidelines explain how to reduce delays in endometriosis diagnosis... diagnosis being a significant problem for women who have endometriosis... diagnosis is a significant problem for many women with endometriosis leading them to years of unnecessary distress and suffering ... flagging up symptoms to GPs, which include painful periods, pelvic pain and subfertility.
Women's Health (9)
Endometriosis (9), Cough (1), Subfertility (1)
30. Endometriosis: My life full of pain  
Date: 09/05/2017 19:06
BBC News (United Kingdom)
As one of the most common gynaecological diseases in the UK, it is vital that endometriosis is more widely recognised ... Women with endometriosis can still try for a baby - it's estimated up to 70% of women with mild or moderate endometriosis will be able to get pregnant without fertility treatment ...
Women's Health (16)
Endometriosis (16), Cough (1), Cysts (1)
CBC News Canada
Using vaginally applied estrogen to ease menopause symptoms likely doesn't increase a woman's risk of heart ... estrogen and progesterone in the years leading up to menopause and afterward, women can experience symptoms ranging from irregular periods and vaginal dryness to mood swings and insomnia ... Compared with women who didn't use vaginal estrogen, women who did had a 48 per cent ...
Women's Health (9), Cardiovascular Diseases (8), Oncology (6)
Heart Diseases (7), Neoplasms (5), Breast Neoplasms (1)
United Press International - UPI (United States)
Study: Older wombs linked to complications in pregnant mice... We know that the so-called Great Obstetrical Syndromes, in particular pre-eclampsia are more common in older women but it's still not clear why," Ashley Moffett, professor of reproductive immunology at the University of Cambridge, said. Although more work is needed to demonstrate this effect in humans, this study could ...
Pre-Eclampsia (2), Pregnancy Complications (2), Congenital Abnormalities (1)
... and Safety of BLS-ILB-E710c in Patients With Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia 2/3 (CIN2/3) - Full Text View... the experimental drug, BLS-ILB-E710c, in patients with Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia 2/3 (CIN2/3... Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia Grade 2/3... and Safety of BLS-ILB-E710c in Patients With Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia 2/3 (CIN2/3... Uterine Cervical Dysplasia.
Infectious Diseases (2), Women's Health (1), Immune System Diseases (1)
Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia (6), Neoplasms (6), Carcinoma in Situ (2)
... Intragen Fractional Radiofrequency With NeuViVa for the Treatment of Vaginal Laxity and Urogynecology Symptoms... Pre-menopausal and post-menopausal women between ages over 18, vaginal delivery, with up to moderate pelvic prolapse 2 cm past the hymen, and self-reported vaginal laxity score of "very loose", moderately loose", or "slightly ...
Infections (1), Prolapse (1)
... With Estradiol/Norethindrone Acetate for the Management of Heavy Menstrual Bleeding Associated With Uterine Fibroids in Premenopausal Women - Full ... Participant has Heavy Menstrual Bleeding (HMB) associated with uterine fibroids as evidenced by Menstrual Blood Loss (MBL) > 80 mL during each of two ... Infusion Sonohysterography (SIS) results that show a clinically significant gynecological disorder... Menorrhagia... Menorrhagia.
Neuroscience (3), Muscular and Skeletal Diseases (2), Blood Disorders and Hematology (1)
Fibroid Uterus (8), Neoplasms (5), Menorrhagia (2)
Endometriosis is a chronic and incurable gynecologic disorder that affects approximately 10 percent of women in the ... Its symptoms can be debilitating and include chronic pelvic pain, painful periods and pain during intercourse... greater duration were less likely to be diagnosed with endometriosis," said corresponding author Leslie Farland, ScM, ScD, a research scientist at the Center for Infertility and Reproductive Surgery at BWH ...
Women's Health (18)
Endometriosis (18), Infertility (1)
Electromagnetic Field Versus Diclofenac Drugs on Primary Dysmenorrhea - Full Text View... Electromagnetic field versus diclofenac drugs on primary dysmenorrhea: Arandomized controlled trial in the Egyptian women... Dysmenorrhea... Electromagnetic Field Versus Diclofenac Drugs on Primary Dysmenorrhea: Arandomized Controlled Trial in the Egyptian Women... to assess symptoms of dysmenorrhea... Background: Primary dysmenorrhea is one of the most common complaints of women ... Pelvic Pain.
Women's Health (11), Cardiovascular Diseases (1)
Psychotic Disorders (1), Tuberculosis (1), Hyperthyroidism (1)
The Medicines Co. nets $400M nod for UTI antibacterial treatment. Doctors treating patients with complicated urinary tract infections will soon have a new tool in their arsenal with the FDA’s Tuesday approval for Vabomere, a combination of the antibacterial meropenem and vaborbactam, a component to combat bacterial resistance. The Medicines Company won approval for the new antibacterial, which is set ...
Urology (1)
Communicable Diseases (2), Infections (2), Urinary Tract Infections (1)
United Press International - UPI (United States)
Antibacterial drug Vabomere approved by FDA for UTIs... approval of a new antibacterial drug on Tuesday for treatment of complicated urinary tract infections in adults. The FDA approved Vabomere, a drug for adults with complicated urinary tract infections, or cUTI, along with a type of kidney infection known as pyelonephritis ...
Urology (2)
Pyelonephritis (2), Urinary Tract Infections (2), Infections (1)
NEJM - Physician's First Watch
Breast-Feeding Associated with Reduced Endometriosis Risk — Physician’s First Watch... breast-feeding is associated with a lower risk for endometriosis in the mother, according to a study in The ... Over 20 years' follow-up, 5% had confirmed endometriosis... breast-feeding (up to 45 months), the risk for endometriosis fell by 3.
Women's Health (6)
Endometriosis (6)
The Efficacy of Intermediate Cervical Plexus Block Versus Cutaneous and Thyroid Capsular Blocks - Full ... Classically, the cervical plexus is considered to have two distributions, the superficial ... capsule formed by the middle layer of the deep cervical fascia, which splits anterolaterally to ensheathe the thyroid gland ... guided capsule-sheath space block (CSSB) combined with anterior cervical cutaneous nerves block (CCNB) for thyroidectomy is done [Wang ...
Deglutition Disorders (1), Hoarseness (1), Headache (1)
Abdominal Ultrasonography in Urinary Tract Infection - When and Why... Urinary tract infection (UTI) in a child may be the first symptom of ... diagnostics are warranted in children with first episode of UTI... is aimed to help clinicians interpret USG findings during UTI and make reasonable plans for further imaging diagnostics in children with UTI ...
Urology (5)
Urinary Tract Infections (3), Infections (1)
Extended Half Life Factor (EHF) Products For Heavy Menstrual Bleeding in Hemophilia Carriers - Full Text View... Reduction in menstrual bleeding measured by the Pictorial Bleeding Assessment Chart (PBAC... Change in Menorrhagia Impact Questionnaire (MIQ) score... Heavy menstrual bleeding is defined as menstrual bleeding that lasts more than 7 days or more ...
Blood Disorders and Hematology (1)
Hemophilia A (8), Anaphylaxis (2), Menorrhagia (1)
NEJM - Physician's First Watch
Transdermal Estrogen Moderately Improves Sexual Function During Early Menopause — Physician’s First Watch... improve sexual function in women during the early years of menopause, according to a JAMA Internal Medicine study... 700 women who were within 3 years of their last menstrual period were randomized to receive transdermal 17β-estradiol, oral conjugated ...
Women's Health (3), Men's Health (1)
Cyclophosphamide and IRX-2 in Treating Women With Cervical Squamous Intraepithelial Neoplasia 3 or Squamous Vulvar Intraepithelial Neoplasia ... Response (PR) is defined as a lower grade of dysplasia than present at baseline (for example, grade 3 decreasing ... of administration of IRX-2 in subjects with confirmed cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN) 3 or vulvar intraepithelial neoplasia (VIN ...
Neoplasms (6), Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia (1)
Minimum Intervention to Maintain a Postpartum Depression Prevention Program in Clinics Serving Low-income Women - Full ... Postpartum depression (PPD) is common and can have lasting consequences for ... Sustain: Determining the Minimum Necessary Intervention to Maintain a Postpartum Depression Prevention Program (ROSE) in Clinics Providing Prenatal Services to ... Health impact: Postpartum depression (PPD) rates over time at each clinic [ Time Frame ...
Neuroscience (9)
Postpartum Depression (5), Depressive Disorder (4), Mental Disorders (1)
Intravaginal Laser Treatment of Mild and Moderate Stress Incontinence - Full Text View... treatment option in patients with mild and moderate stress incontinence. Stress Incontinence, Female... Intravaginal Laser Treatment of Mild and Moderate Stress Incontinence... treatment option in patients with mild and moderate stress incontinence... Light or moderate stress incontinence. mixed urine incontinence with predominance of the stress component.
Urology (12), Men's Health (1)
Urinary Incontinence (2), Marfan Syndrome (1), Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (1)
48. Effect of Glutamine on Urinary Incontinence  
Date: 08/26/2017 12:00
Effect of Glutamine on Urinary Incontinence - Full Text View... on pelvic floor strength and clinical parameters of urinary incontinence in females with either urinary incontinance (stress and/or urgency) and pelvic prolapse ... Urinary Incontinence... Presence of urinary incontinence and/or pelvic prolapse and/or decreased vaginal muscle strenght in gynaecological examination ...
Urology (11), Neuroscience (2), Endocrine Disorders (1)
Urinary Incontinence (8), Prolapse (3), Elimination Disorders (1)
49. Effect of Swimming on Premenstrual Syndrome  
Date: 08/25/2017 12:00
Effect of Swimming on Premenstrual Syndrome - Full Text View... female sets her experience of 47 manifestations on a 6 point scale separately for the premenstrual, menstrual and intermenstrual phases of her latest and worst menstrual cycle... Exercise was ceased on the first 3 days of menstrual cycle then resumed afterwards.
Patients who undergo vaginal surgery at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre (SHSC) who require vaginal packing postoperatively and receive premarin vaginal cream coated packing ... A Premarin vaginal cream will be used to coat the vaginal pack, prior to insertion in patients post vaginal reconstruction surgery ... Patients who undergo vaginal surgery at Patients who undergo vaginal surgery (SHSC) who require vaginal packing postoperatively and receive bupivacaine soaked packing ...
Prolapse (1), Vaginal Bleeding (1)
The Effects of Folic Acid on Sudanese Women With Polycystic Ovary Syndrome - Full Text View... Polycystic Ovary Syndrome... The Clinical and Biochemical Effects of Folic Acid on Sudanese Women With Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS... Infertility... Polycystic Ovary Syndrome... Ovarian Cysts. Cysts. Neoplasms. Ovarian Diseases. Adnexal Diseases. Genital Diseases, Female. Gonadal Disorders.
Endocrine Disorders (2)
Hirsutism (5), Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (5), Subfertility (2)