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Male Infertility
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BJU international
... in assisted reproductive techniques (ART) have transformed the management of male factor infertility and the advent of intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) in 1993 was a landmark in the management of the infertile male ... The most challenging of these is male infertility due to azoospermia, which affects approximately 10-15% of infertile men (2.7million men in Europe ...
Azoospermia (2), Male Infertility (2), Infertility (2), more mentions
Nature reviews. Urology
Male factor infertility: Varicocele repair in the era of assisted reproductive technology..
Varicocele (2), Infertility (2), more mentions
BMC infectious diseases
The association between HPV positivity and male infertility was evaluated by a meta-analysis of case-control studies AbstractText: A total of 31 eligible studies comprising 5194 males were included ... A significantly increased risk of infertility was found for males with HPV positivity in semen (OR = 2.93, 95% CI = 2.03 ... is common worldwide, which may contribute to the risk of male infertility Keyword: Human papillomavirus.
Male Infertility (4), Infertility (2), Infections (1), more mentions
The Journal of urology
Re: Obesity, Male Infertility, and the Sperm Epigenome..
Anti-Obesity and Weight Loss (2)
Obesity (2), Male Infertility (2), more mentions
Asian journal of andrology
From August 2012 to February 2015, men with infertility of at least a year and varicoceles underwent RAMV by a single surgeon ... Varicocele was diagnosed on physical examination and confirmed by ultrasound by ... Hydroceles occurred 0.8% of procedures... Persistence of varicocele by Doppler ultrasound was 9.6... concluded that RAMV is a safe and effective alternative for varicocele repair with outcomes comparable to historical traditional microsurgical approach.
Varicocele (3), Infertility (2), Male Infertility (1), more mentions
Nature reviews. Urology
Assisted reproductive technologies are effective in treating male infertility, but their success rate has plateaued at ∼33% per cycle ... for microfluidics - a mature technology in other biomedical areas - in male infertility diagnosis and treatment, and promising microfluidic approaches are under investigation for addressing male infertility ... microfluidic devices that use microfabrication and sperm behaviour can aid semen analysis and sperm selection.
Male Infertility (3), Infertility (2), more mentions
... the association between asymptomatic infections caused by Mycoplasma genitalium and male infertility, and evaluate the role of antibiotic therapy in treatment of this failure AbstractText: A total of 165 infertile males having abnormal semen parameters (study group) and 165 healthy fertile ... Wives of seven infected infertile men (43.8%) became pregnant 4 months after the treatment completion ... AbstractText: Asymptomatic infection caused by M. genitalium is correlated with male infertility and antibiotic therapy can improve the semen quality and be used to treat male infertility Keyword: Antibiotic treatment ...
Infectious Diseases (6)
Male Infertility (4), Infections (3), more mentions
Reproductive biomedicine online
Abstract: Reactive oxygen species (ROS) have been demonstrated to have damaging effects on human sperm function. The measurement of ROS as an adjunct to traditional semen analysis has clinical relevance as part of the diagnosis of male infertility... Keyword: Semen analysis. Keyword: Sperm function.
Male Infertility (1), more mentions
PloS one
... the watermelon reference genome and to obtain biological insight into male-sterility in watermelon... these techniques to available data from two watermelon lines: the male-sterile line DAH3615-MS and the male-fertile line DAH3615... 138 de novo-exclusive differentially-expressed genes (DEDEGs) related to male sterility were detected... insights for researchers exploring transcriptional blueprints with regard to the male sterility.
Male Sterility (2), Reproductive Sterility (1), more mentions
Human reproduction (Oxford, England)
... used globally in order to ensure consistency when reporting on infertility issues and fertility care interventions, as well as to harmonize ... of 283 consensus-based and evidence-driven terminologies used in infertility and fertility care has been generated through an inclusive consensus ... published a revised version expanded to 87 terms, which defined infertility as a disease of the reproductive system, and increased standardization ...
Infertility (9), Subfertility (1), more mentions
The New England journal of medicine 
CitationSubset: AIM. CitationSubset: IM. DescriptorName: Adult. DescriptorName: Costs and Cost Analysis. DescriptorName: Female. DescriptorName: Fertility Preservation. DescriptorName: Humans. DescriptorName: Infertility. DescriptorName: Insurance Coverage. DescriptorName: Insurance, Health. DescriptorName: Male. DescriptorName: Mandatory Programs. DescriptorName: Reproductive Techniques, Assisted. DescriptorName: Rhode Island. DescriptorName: State Health Plans. DescriptorName: United States.
Infertility (1), more mentions
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Abstract: Male sterility is an essential trait in hybrid seed production for monoclinous ... a result of the lack of a suitable system for male sterility... Here, we report the cloning and characterization of Male Sterility 1 (Ms1) in bread wheat by using a combination of ... foundation for the development of commercially viable hybrid wheat Keyword: Male Sterility 1.
Stem Cell Research (1)
Male Sterility (4), more mentions
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
... rice leucine-rich repeat receptor-like kinases, Thermo-Sensitive Genic Male Sterile 10 (TMS10) and its close homolog TMS10-Like (TMS10L), which ... tms10 displays male sterility under high temperatures but male fertility under low temperatures, and the tms10 tms10l double mutant shows complete male sterility under both high and low temperatures ...
Male Sterility (3), more mentions
Nature communications 
... models have been proposed to explain this transition, some involving male and female sterility mutations linked in a region of suppressed ... show that deletion of this entire region results in a male-to-female conversion, whereas loss of a single suppressor of female development drives male-to-hermaphrodite conversion ... A single copy anther-specific gene with a male sterile Arabidopsis knockout phenotype is also in the Y-specific region ...
Female Sterility (1), more mentions