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Male Infertility
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PloS one
... variations (CNVs), CNV64, CNV67 and CNV69 were associated with idiopathic male infertility in Spanish and Italian populations, especially CNV67 resembling the azoospermia factor deletions ... In total, 714 infertile participants were diagnosed as idiopathic infertility with different conditions (288 with non-obstructive azoospermia, 210 oligozoospermia and 216 asthenospermia) and 836 fertile participants (vasectomized ...
Male Infertility (5), Infertility (3), Azoospermia (2), more mentions
Reproductive biomedicine online
... the presence of insulin resistance (IR) in men with unexplained infertility. We included two groups: the study group including 160 infertile men with unexplained oligozoospermia (sperm count <10 × 10(6)/ml ... In conclusion, IR in men with unexplained infertility may be a cause of reproductive and metabolic abnormalities... Keyword: Male infertility.
Endocrine Disorders (3)
Infertility (3), Insulin Resistance (3), Oligospermia (2), more mentions
Fertility and sterility
This discrepancy between men with varicocele and the number of adversely affected men has led to abundant research to identify the mechanisms for formation of varicocele as well as the pathologic mechanisms by which varicoceles affect fertility potential ... In this review, we discuss the prevalence of varicocele in adults, the anatomic features of varicocele, the leading theories as to how varicocele can negatively affect fertility potential, and finally, the current literature on the impact of varicocele on testosterone production Keyword: Infertility ...
Varicocele (8), Infertility (1), more mentions
High prevalence of hepatitis E virus in semen of infertile male and causes testis damage..
Infectious Diseases (2)
Hepatitis E (2), more mentions
Fertility and sterility
... association between maternal endometriosis and occurrence of the genital anomalies cryptorchidism and hypospadias in sons AbstractText: Population-based cohort study AbstractText ... singleton boys born from 1978 to 2012 AbstractText: None AbstractText: Cryptorchidism and hypospadias in boys based on information from the Danish ... Altogether, 27,342 boys were diagnosed with cryptorchidism, of whom 16,446 had corrective surgery.
Women's Health (7)
Endometriosis (7), Cryptorchidism (6), Hypospadias (5), more mentions
Investigative radiology
... of this study was to compare testicular metabolite concentrations between fertile control subjects and infertile men AbstractText: Single voxel proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy (¹H-MRS) was performed in the ... and without water suppression at 3 T in 9 fertile control subjects and 9 infertile patients (8 with azoospermia and 1 with oligospermia.
Oligospermia (1), Azoospermia (1), more mentions
Abstract: Genetic variants of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) were implicated to be associated with male infertility. Our previous whole mitochondrial genome sequencing and association study has identified two susceptibility mtDNA variants for oligoasthenospermia in Han Chinese men. In this study, we tested promising associations in an extended validation using 670 idiopathic oligoasthenospermia cases and 793 healthy controls to identify additional risk ...
Male Infertility (1), more mentions
American journal of obstetrics and gynecology
In addition, data on male age and fertility is inconsistent... great clinical utility.To examine the association between female and male age with fecundability.We conducted a web-based preconception cohort ... participants were aged 21-45 years (females) or ≥21 years (males), and not using fertility treatments... 3 cycles at study entry and reported no history of infertility.
Infertility (1), more mentions
Asian journal of andrology
PPI use has recently been linked to adverse changes in semen quality in healthy men; however, the effects of PPI use on semen parameters remain largely unknown specifically in cases with male factor infertility. We examined whether PPI use was associated with detrimental effects on semen parameters in a large population of subfertile men.
Infertility (1), more mentions
The Journal of steroid biochemistry and molecular biology
... gene, is specific for the transport of steroid sulfates and is highly expressed in testicular germ cells, including pachytene spermatocytes, secondary spermatocytes, and round spermatids. Therefore, SOAT is supposed to be involved in the regulation of spermatogenesis and male fertility... If these loss-of-function SOAT variants are more frequent in men with impaired spermatogenesis or infertility needs further investigation.
Infertility (1), more mentions