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Top Articles Across Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
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Plastic and reconstructive surgery. Global open 
Abstract: The Swiss Plastic Surgery Association ( decided to produce a corporate video to illustrate the concept of "plastic surgery of confidence" to the public ... We wanted to convey 2 main messages: first, that plastic surgery is more than just cosmetic surgery, and second, that plastic surgery in Switzerland is synonymous with quality and confidence ...
Plastic and reconstructive surgery 
Abstract: Postmastectomy immediate breast reconstruction in the U.S. continues to experience an upward trend owing to heightened ... an adjuvant treatment for management of breast cancer has created additional challenges for plastic surgeons who need to consider the optimal timing and method of breast reconstruction to perform in these patients ...
Oncology (2)
Breast Neoplasms (3), more mentions
Aesthetic surgery journal 
The use of smartphone technology as a postoperative cosmetic surgery adjunct for care has received little attention in the literature ... was to assess the potential efficacy of a smartphone-based cosmetic surgery early postoperative follow-up program. Specifically, could smartphone photography provided by the patient to the plastic surgeon in the first few days after surgery allay patient's concerns ...
JAMA facial plastic surgery 
... medication abuse AbstractText: To examine patient use of opioids after rhinoplasty and establish an optimal postrhinoplasty pain management regimen AbstractText: In ... series, opioid use was evaluated in 62 patients who underwent rhinoplasty performed by 3 fellowship-trained facial plastic surgeons, 2 in private practice in Texas and 1 in an ...
Pain Management (1)
Lightheadedness (1), more mentions
Plastic and reconstructive surgery 
... impact of different surgical techniques and clinical patient factors on abdominoplasty outcomes AbstractText: A retrospective review of consecutive patients undergoing abdominoplasty was performed AbstractText: Seven hundred seventy-nine patients with a ... and a body mass index of 27 kg/m underwent abdominoplasty... Abdominoplasty techniques included traditional (59.4 percent), belt lipectomy (17.9 percent), fleur ...
Anti-Obesity and Weight Loss (4)
Hematoma (1), more mentions
Aesthetic surgery journal 
Abdominoplasty is the aesthetic procedure most commonly associated with VTE, yet ... analyze the incidence and predictors of VTE in patients undergoing abdominoplasty procedures in outpatient surgery centers using data from the Internet ... data from 2001 to 2011 were queried retrospectively to identify abdominoplasty cases and VTE cases... variables were analyzed to identify potential predictors of VTE in abdominoplasty AbstractText: Among all outpatient aesthetic surgery cases entered from 2001 ...
Cardiovascular Diseases (2)
Venous Thromboembolism (2), more mentions
Plastic and reconstructive surgery 
DescriptorName: Tissue Expansion. AbstractText: Direct-to-implant breast reconstruction offers time-saving advantages over two-stage techniques. However, use of direct-to-implant reconstruction remains limited, in part, because of concerns over complication rates., The authors' aim was to compare 2-year complications and patient-reported outcomes for direct-to-implant versus tissue expander/implant reconstruction AbstractText: Patients undergoing immediate ...
Infections (1), more mentions
JAMA surgery 
Association of Autoimmune Connective Tissue Disease With Abdominoplasty Outcomes: A Nationwide Analysis of Outcomes..
Immune System Diseases (2)
Connective Tissue Diseases (2), more mentions
Aesthetic surgery journal 
AbstractText: Plastic surgeons are rapidly integrating social media into their practices and recent ... quantify the return on investment for social media in a plastic surgery practice AbstractText: The ideal method for this type of study ... In this study, we profile a start-up plastic surgery practice in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles AbstractText: In this study ...
Trends in cancer 
Breast cancer is a heterogeneous disease, and stratification of tumors is paramount to achieve better clinical outcomes. While it is common to stratify and treat breast tumors as a single entity, insights from studies on intratumoral heterogeneity and cancer stem cells raise the possibility that multiple breast cancer subtypes may coexist within a tumor. A role for plasticity in driving dynamic conversions between breast cancer subtypes is proposed, and the clinical implications include a need for combinatorial therapeutic strategies that account for the discrete disease entities and their plasticity. Accordingly, the advent of single-cell technologies will be crucial in enabling the diagnosis and stratification of distinct disease subtypes down to the cellular level.
Oncology (7)
Breast Neoplasms (6), Neoplasms (5), more mentions
BMJ case reports 
The patient currently has no problems with activities of daily living, although total hypoaesthesia and dysfunction of the left frontal muscle of the forehead are present. In addition, the combined findings of hair growth pattern indicated the vascular territories of the scalp skin Keyword: orthopaedic and trauma surgery. Keyword: plastic and reconstructive surgery. Keyword: vascular surgery.
12. Sliding of coherent twin boundaries.  
Date: 10/24/2017
Nature communications 
... real-time transmission electron microscope experimental observations during uniaxial deformation of copper pillars with different orientations and is further validated at the atomic scale by recourse to molecular dynamics simulations. Our findings provide mechanistic insights into the evolution of plasticity in heavily twinned face-centered cubic metals, with the potential for optimizing mechanical properties with nanoscale CTBs in material design.
Progress in neuro-psychopharmacology & biological psychiatry 
On the one hand, it is a powerful inhibitor of nociception and inflammation; on the other hand, it contributes to enhanced pathological states including the establishment and continuation of chronic pain. These seemingly paradoxical effects can be better understood by investigating how stress-induced plasticity in particular brain circuitry contributes to the chronic pain state.
Chronic Pain (9), more mentions
JMIR mental health 
... the digital divide; (3) digital health interventions' impact on staff roles and responsibilities; and (4) digital health interventions should be used to enhance, not replace, face-to-face support AbstractText: This study is the first, to our knowledge, to qualitatively explore the experiences and attitudes of mental health care staff ...
Neuroscience (2)
Bipolar Disorder (2), Psychotic Disorders (2), more mentions
World journal of urology 
... with mineral oil are more prevalent in certain areas than previously acknowledged. In 5 years, more than 680 patients presented with complications to penile self-injections, of which 75% needed surgical intervention, mainly in the form of radical excision of the lesions followed by skin grafting. Preventive measures to this physically and psychologically devastating problem are highly warranted Keyword: Granuloma.
Granuloma (1), Penile Induration (1), more mentions