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Investigative Urology and Uro-Science
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Current opinion in urology
AbstractText: Immunotherapies for urological malignancies have made tremendous progress by targeting immune checkpoints and have been implemented in ... Biomarkers could help to predict response to treatment, but are still under investigation... to identify important relevant publications from 2016 to 2017 on biomarkers for immunotherapies in urological cancers including reported clinical trials.
Oncology (1)
Neoplasms (1), more mentions
Journal of the American Geriatrics Society 
... 1990 to 2016 AbstractText: Older people (aged ≥60) who participated in intervention or observational studies investigating drug use as an exposure and xerostomia or salivary gland hypofunction as adverse drug outcomes ... In the intervention studies, urological medications (odds ratio (OR) = 5.91, 95% confidence interval (CI) = 4.04-8.63; I(2)  = 62%), antidepressants ...
Urology (1)
Xerostomia (4), Urinary Incontinence (1), more mentions
Urologic oncology
... years AbstractText: We believe that the current review can help investigators relying on secondary data to (1) gain insight into both ... necessity of a rigorous planning before initiating a comparative effectiveness investigation, and (3) optimize the quality of their investigations AbstractText: Specifically, we review concepts of adjusted analyses and confounders ... Keyword: Urology.
Urology (1), Oncology (1), more mentions
Journal of the American College of Radiology : JACR
Investigation for renal artery stenosis is appropriate when clinical presentation suggests secondary hypertension rather than primary hypertension, when there is not another known cause of secondary hypertension, and when intervention would be carried out if a significant renal artery stenosis were identified. The primary imaging modalities used to screen for renal artery stenosis are CT, MRI, and ultrasound, with the ...
Cardiovascular Diseases (8), Senior Health (1), Kidney Disease (1)
Hypertension (5), Pathologic Constriction (4), Renovascular Hypertension (3), more mentions
Hemodialysis international. International Symposium on Home Hemodialysis
The aim of our investigation was to analyze the factors that might influence the function of AVFs AbstractText: Data were taken from the computerized patient record system in the Clinic of Urology and Nephrology, Clinical Center, Kragujevac, Serbia, for a 2-year period. We analyzed patients who had requested re-creation of AVFs as a secondary procedure.
Urology (1)
Arteriovenous Fistula (3), Fistula (3), Thrombosis (1), more mentions
Annals of surgical oncology
We investigated the impact of urologic workforce density (UD) and rural residence (RR) on the practice of LND and mortality of SCCP (SCCP-RM) AbstractText: UD was determined from the 2014 to 2015 Area Health Resource File data, while RR was determined using the 2003 rural-urban continuum codes. All cases of SCCP within the surveillance, epidemiology, and end results ...
Oncology (1)
Squamous Cell Carcinoma (2), Neoplasms (1), more mentions
Transplantation proceedings
The use of a ureteral stent can cause a urinary tract infection (UTI), although it reduces urologic complications... The stents were removed aseptically, the inner surface of proximal and distal ends of stents were irrigated with liquid culture medium, and then they were vortexed for bacteriological investigation. Urine cultures were taken at the same time.A total of 45 renal ...
Urology (1)
Infections (1), Pneumonia (1), Urinary Tract Infections (1), more mentions