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The Journal of urology
Re: Evaluation and Establishment of a Ward-Based Geriatric Liaison Service for Older Urological Surgical Patients: Proactive Care of Older People Undergoing Surgery (POPS)-Urology..
Urology (2), more mentions
BJU international
... mPCa) who were treated with docetaxel in addition to ADT, showed a 9% absolute overall survival benefit at 4 years(1. As such, European Association of Urology (EAU) guidelines recommend that newly diagnosed mPCa should be treated with castration plus docetaxel chemotherapy 'provided the patient is fit enough'. However, this assessment of fitness for chemotherapy remains a clinical stumbling block.
Oncology (2), Urology (1)
Prostatic Neoplasms (2), more mentions
BMJ supportive & palliative care
Patients who were receiving cancer care underwent a comprehensive geriatric assessments, including cognitive, functional, nutritional, physical, falls in the prior 6 months and comorbidity assessment... They had haematological, gastrointestinal, urological, breast, lung and gynaecological cancers. A total of 215 patients with available information about falls within the past 6 months were included for final analysis.
Oncology (6), Neuroscience (3)
Neoplasms (6), Dementia (3), more mentions
BMC health services research
The stratified survey comprised 11 medical disciplines (internal medicine, gynaecology, obstetrics, paediatrics, psychiatry, orthopaedics, neurology, urology, ENT and geriatrics) on 3 hospital care levels representing 91.9% of all hospital admissions to inpatient care in Germany in 2012. The statistical analysis calculated the frequency distributions and 95% confidence intervals of characteristics related to the hospital choice.63.0% [60.9-65.2] of patients ...
Urology (1), more mentions