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Diagnostic Urology, Urinary Diversion and Perioperative Care
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BJU international
... To describe our step-by-step technique for robotic intracorporeal neobladder configuration, including the stages of conception, development and exploration of ... surgical innovation, according to the IDEAL Collaboration guidelines AbstractText: FloRIN neobladder was performed after the following main surgical steps: isolation of ... IDEAL guidelines recommended stages: Phase 1 (simulation) consisted in the neobladder robotic configuration on silicone models.
Vesico-Ureteral Reflux (1), more mentions
Neurourology and urodynamics
AbstractText: The use of orthotropic neobladder (ONB) construction in women has increased in popularity... Neobladder vaginal fistula (NVF) is a rare but challenging complication... Our standard technique of radical cystectomy and orthotopic diversion in female patients includes interposition of omentum between the neobladder and anterior vaginal wall and sacrocolpopexy AbstractText: Two hundred and ...
Urology (2)
Vaginal Fistula (3), Fistula (3), Urinary Incontinence (2), more mentions
World journal of urology
... lack of evidence demonstrating the benefits of using enhanced recovery after surgery protocols (ERAS. Here, we propose to use a randomized clinical pilot study to demonstrate the benefits and feasibility of implementing ERAS versus standard protocols (SP) in patients undergoing radical cystectomy (RC) and urinary diversion AbstractText: 27 consecutive patients undergoing RC were included in the study... Keyword: Urinary diversion.
Oncology (5)
Urinary Bladder Neoplasms (3), Prostatic Neoplasms (1), Neoplasms (1), more mentions
World journal of urology
AbstractText: Enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) has played an important role in recovery management for radical cystectomy with ileal urinary diversion (RC-IUD... Keyword: Urinary diversion.
Oncology (4)
Urinary Bladder Neoplasms (4), more mentions
DescriptorName: Urinary Diversion. DescriptorName: Urinary Tract Infections. Abstract: Postsurgery infection is a common complication after laparoscopic radical cystectomy (LRC) followed by urinary diversion. White blood cell (WBC) values and C-reactive protein (CRP) are routinely used as markers for infection, but lack of specificity and their elevation is often delayed in clinically significant events.
Urology (1)
Infections (12), Urinary Tract Infections (1), more mentions
... in a staged or single-staged approach, further 32% had a primary urinary diversion. 74% of the participants reported a certain degree of urinary incontinence... moderate intercourse satisfaction were confirmed, suggesting the need for further improvement in care for adult male individuals with EEC Keyword: antihypertensive agents... Keyword: urinary incontinence.
Urology (4), Men's Health (3)
Epispadias (3), Urinary Incontinence (2), Erectile Dysfunction (2), more mentions
AbstractText: Parastomal hernia is a common and vexing problem after ileal conduit urinary diversion that can cause pain, bowel symptoms, and problems with the stoma appliance ... with a parastomal hernia resulting in poor stoma appliance adhesion and bothersome urinary leakage AbstractText: Robotic repair was completed successfully without intraoperative complications in all ...
Anti-Obesity and Weight Loss (2)
Hernia (8), more mentions