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Top Articles Across Allergy & Immunology
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Lancet (London, England) 
Since macrolide antibiotics can be used to treat persistent asthma, we aimed to assess the efficacy and safety of oral ... azithromycin as add-on therapy in patients with uncontrolled persistent asthma on medium-to-high dose inhaled corticosteroids plus a long ... Azithromycin significantly improved asthma-related quality of life (adjusted mean difference, 0·36 [95% CI ...
Infectious Diseases (1)
Asthma (16), Hearing Loss (1), more mentions
The Lancet. Respiratory medicine 
... as the reference for COPD and a reported diagnosis of asthma with current wheeze as the definition of asthma... Smoking and occupational asthmagens were the only risks quantified for asthma in GBD, accounting for 16·5% (14·6 to 18·7) of DALYs due to asthma AbstractText: Asthma was the most prevalent chronic respiratory disease worldwide in 2015 ...
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (20), Asthma (19), more mentions
The New England journal of medicine 
The primary end point was the annualized rate of asthma exacerbations (events per patient-year) at week 52 AbstractText: The ... every 2 weeks (high dose; 146 patients) resulted in annualized asthma exacerbation rates at week 52 of 0.26, 0.19, and 0.22 ... those who received tezepelumab had lower rates of clinically significant asthma exacerbations than those who received placebo, independent of baseline blood eosinophil counts ...
Asthma (6), more mentions
The New England journal of medicine 
Severe and Difficult-to-Treat Asthma in Adults..
Asthma (2), more mentions
5. Eosinophilic Bronchitis.  
Date: 08/30/2017
The New England journal of medicine 
CitationSubset: AIM. CitationSubset: IM. DescriptorName: Adult. DescriptorName: Bronchi. DescriptorName: Bronchitis. DescriptorName: Bronchoscopy. DescriptorName: Eosinophilia. DescriptorName: Eosinophils. DescriptorName: Female. DescriptorName: Humans.
Bronchitis (2), Eosinophilia (1), more mentions
Cancer biology & therapy 
Abstract: Eosinophilic cystitis is a rare manifestation of hypereosinophilia and a cause ... Although some cases can be attributed to infection or allergy, most cases are assessed to be idiopathic and treated with ... Here we review the molecular features of eosinophilic disorders... cell-free DNA in the workup of a case of eosinophilic cystitis in which next generation sequencing of cell-free DNA ... Keyword: eosinophilia.
Cystitis (4), Hematuria (1), Allergy (1), more mentions
DescriptorName: Food Hypersensitivity... Nonceliac gluten sensitivity is diagnosed in individuals who do not have celiac disease or wheat allergy but who have intestinal symptoms, extraintestinal symptoms, or both, related to ingestion of gluten-containing grains, with symptomatic improvement on their withdrawal. The clinical variability and the lack of validated biomarkers for nonceliac gluten sensitivity make establishing the prevalence, reaching a ...
Celiac Disease (12), Wheat Hypersensitivity (1), Food Hypersensitivity (1), more mentions
The Lancet. Respiratory medicine 
COPD and asthma: the emergency is clear, now is the time for action..
Asthma (2), more mentions
... corticosteroids for acute lower respiratory tract infection in adults without asthma AbstractText: Multicenter, placebo-controlled, randomized trial (July 2013 to final ... with no history of chronic pulmonary disease or use of asthma medication in the past 5 years AbstractText: Two 20-mg ... for acute lower respiratory tract infection symptoms in adults without asthma because they do not reduce symptom duration or severity AbstractText ...
Infectious Diseases (4)
Respiratory Tract Infections (7), Cough (5), Asthma (3), more mentions
Nature communications 
This demonstrates the importance of infectious stimuli in modifying genetic predisposition to disease.Insight into the genetic influence on the immune response is important for the understanding of interindividual variability in human pathologies. Here, the authors generate transcriptome data from human blood monocytes stimulated with various immune stimuli and provide a time-resolved response eQTL map.
Immune System Diseases (2)
Autoimmune Diseases (2), more mentions
Annals of allergy, asthma & immunology : official publication of the American College of Allergy, Asthma, & Immunology 
AbstractText: Although previous single-center studies report the rate of anaphylaxis for oral food challenges (OFCs) as 9% to 11%, little ... 2008 to 2013 through a physician survey in 5 food allergy centers geographically distributed across the United States... analysis was used to pool the proportion of reactions and anaphylaxis with inverse-variance weights using a random-effects model with ...
Anaphylaxis (5), Allergy (4), Food Hypersensitivity (1), more mentions
Lancet (London, England) 
No thrombotic or thromboembolic events, systemic allergic reactions (including anaphylaxis), or neutralising antibodies were reported AbstractText: Prophylaxis with recombinant human C1 esterase inhibitor provided clinically relevant reductions in frequency of hereditary angio-oedema attacks and was well tolerated. In view of the pharmacokinetic profile of recombinant human C1 esterase inhibitor, our results suggest that efficacy of C1-inhibitor replacement therapy ...
Headache (2), Allergy (1), Nasopharyngitis (1), more mentions
The Lancet. Oncology 
Overall, five dose-limiting toxicities were noted: infusion-related inflammatory symptoms and coronary ischaemia, respectively, in two patients given 5 × 10(9) TargomiRs twice weekly; anaphylaxis and cardiomyopathy, respectively, in two patients given 5 × 10(9) TargomiRs once weekly but who received reduced dexamethasone prophylaxis; and non-cardiac pain in one ...
Oncology (7)
Mesothelioma (5), Cardiomyopathies (1), Lymphopenia (1), more mentions
British journal of cancer 
... predominately advanced disease, the association of key markers of adaptive and innate immunity with survival and the differential effect of histology. A better understanding of the immunological drivers of the different subtypes of mesothelioma will assist prognostication and disease-specific clinical decision-making.British Journal of Cancer advance online publication: 17 August 2017; doi:10.1038/bjc.2017.269
Oncology (4)
Mesothelioma (3), Neoplasms (1), more mentions
Frontiers in psychiatry 
... that inhabit the gastrointestinal tract-or gut microbiota-are involved not only in both nutritive and digestive activities but also in immunological processes... by exploring the role played by the gut microbiome in neurodevelopment and in the etiology of the depressive syndrome, including nutritional, immunological, and energy homeostasis approaches Keyword: depression.
Infectious Diseases (1)
Depressive Disorder (5), Infections (1), more mentions