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Zika Virus
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1. Kinetics of Zika Viral Load in Semen.  
Date: 08/16/2017
The New England journal of medicine 
CitationSubset: AIM. CitationSubset: IM. DescriptorName: Humans. DescriptorName: Kinetics. DescriptorName: Male. DescriptorName: RNA, Viral. DescriptorName: Semen. DescriptorName: Viral Load. DescriptorName: Virus Replication. DescriptorName: Zika Virus. DescriptorName: Zika Virus Infection.
Infections (1), more mentions
The Journal of infectious diseases
AbstractText: Zika virus (ZIKV) infections have been linked to different levels of clinical outcomes ... response, focusing on the immune mediators profile in 95 acute ZIKV-infected adult patients from Campinas, Brazil... hepatocyte growth factor than those without such abnormalities born to ZIKV-infected mothers AbstractText: This study identified several key markers for the control of ZIKV pathogenesis ... will allow a better understanding of the molecular mechanisms of ZIKV infection in patients Keyword: Zika virus.
Infections (3), Nervous System Malformations (2), Fetal Growth Retardation (1), more mentions
American journal of public health
DescriptorName: Zika Virus Infection. Abstract: The Zika virus epidemic rapidly spread across Brazil and Latin America, gaining international attention because of the causal relationship between Zika and birth defects ... Therefore, the public health crisis created by Zika exposed a stark conflict between Brazil's constitutional right to health ... that requires the decriminalization of abortion upon the diagnosis of Zika virus.
Women's Health (2)
Congenital Abnormalities (1), Infections (1), Pregnancy Complications (1), more mentions
The American journal of tropical medicine and hygiene
DescriptorName: Zika Virus Infection... to assess knowledge, attitudes, and prevention practices related to the Zika virus among pregnant women residing in Texas... Results demonstrated that most women wanted more information on the Zika virus and desired to obtain it from their physician. The majority did not know that the Zika virus could be spread through sex with an asymptomatic partner ...
Microcephaly (2), Congenital Abnormalities (1), Infections (1), more mentions
Abstract: The emergence of Zika virus (ZIKV) and its association with congenital malformations has prompted the rapid ... vaccine platforms, a lipid nanoparticle-encapsulated modified mRNA vaccine encoding ZIKV prM and E genes and a live-attenuated ZIKV strain encoding an NS1 protein without glycosylation, for their ability ... live-attenuated vaccine platforms can restrict in utero transmission of ZIKV in mice, their further development in humans to prevent congenital ZIKV syndrome is warranted Keyword: Vaccine ...
Vaccines (9)
Infections (1), Microcephaly (1), more mentions
MMWR. Morbidity and mortality weekly report 
... Croix, had reported 1,021 probable or confirmed cases* of Zika virus disease in its population of approximately 100,000 (1 ... asymptomatic pregnant women in the USVI had tested positive for Zika virus... Interventions included education and outreach, distribution of Zika prevention kits(†) to pregnant women in the USVI, and provision of free Zika virus laboratory testing and vector control services ...
Infections (2), Pregnancy Complications (1), more mentions
The American journal of tropical medicine and hygiene
DescriptorName: Zika Virus Infection... As the global public health community develops strategies for sustainable Zika prevention and control, assessment of the Cuban response to Zika provides critical lessons learned ... Cuba's early and successful response to Zika, grounded in the country's long-standing dengue prevention and control ... science efforts to assess the transferability of lessons learned from Zika prevention and control to other pathogens and from one context ...
Dengue (2), Infections (1), more mentions
The American journal of tropical medicine and hygiene
DescriptorName: Population Surveillance. DescriptorName: Zika Virus Infection. Abstract: More than 700,000 cases of Zika virus (ZIKAV) disease have been officially reported to the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) from 48 countries and territories of the Americas. The response led by the PAHO and partners suggests major lessons of this outbreak.
Congenital Abnormalities (1), Infections (1), more mentions
JAMA neurology 
... assessing the incidence and spectrum of neurologic manifestations secondary to Zika virus (ZIKV) infection in adults AbstractText: To evaluate the rates of acute ZIKV infection among patients hospitalized with Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS), meningoencephalitis ... At 3 months, 2 patients positive for ZIKV infection (6%) died (1 with GBS and 1 with encephalitis ...
Infections (8), Encephalitis (4), Transverse Myelitis (4), more mentions
JAMA neurology 
The Expanding Spectrum of Zika Virus Infections of the Nervous System..
Infections (2), more mentions
11. An update on Zika virus infection.  
Date: 06/25/2017
Lancet (London, England)
Abstract: The epidemic history of Zika virus began in 2007, with its emergence in Yap Island ... Zika virus emerged in Brazil in 2015 and was declared a ... In 2015-16, Zika virus continued its spread to cause outbreaks in the Americas ... Non-vector-borne transmission was confirmed and Zika virus was established as a cause of severe neurological complications ...
Microcephaly (3), Nervous System Diseases (1), Infections (1), more mentions
Lancet (London, England)
After a major, well documented second wave of Zika virus infection in all regions of Brazil from September, 2015 ... was much lower than that following the first wave of Zika virus infection, reaching epidemic levels in all but the south ... 000 livebirths AbstractText: The distribution of infection-related microcephaly after Zika virus outbreaks has varied across time and Brazilian regions.
Infectious Diseases (1)
Infections (11), Microcephaly (9), Toxoplasmosis (1), more mentions
The American journal of tropical medicine and hygiene
DescriptorName: Zika Virus Infection... In addition, we determined whether two additional emerging viruses, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus and Zika virus could be detected by this method. Pathogen-specific real-time reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction was used to evaluate the sensitivity of xenosurveillance across multiple pathogen taxa and over time.
Infections (1), Communicable Diseases (1), more mentions
Archives of disease in childhood. Fetal and neonatal edition 
... 20.52; 95% CI 15.57 to 27.04) and significantly greater infant morbidity AbstractText: In Canada, infectious exposure during pregnancy is a strong risk factor for microcephaly, and affected infants are at higher risk of poor birth outcomes. Better monitoring of microcephaly is needed in the event that Zika or other novel viruses affect future risk Keyword: Congenital Abnormalities... Keyword: Zika Virus.
Endocrine Disorders (1), Infectious Diseases (1)
Microcephaly (12), Infections (3), Toxoplasmosis (1), more mentions
The American journal of tropical medicine and hygiene
Abstract: With the Zika virus outbreak in South America starting in 2015 and its potential to cause malformation of ... Here, we present data comparing the RealStar(®) Zika Virus RT-PCR Kit 1.0 for detection of Zika virus from 208 serum and urine samples collected in French Guiana with a reference method ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 
However, little is known about the detailed mechanisms of viral replication and pathogenicity in the brain. Previously, we reported that the genomic RNA of tick-borne encephalitis virus (TBEV), a member of the genus Flavivirus, is transported and replicated in the dendrites of neurons... Keyword: flavivirus. Keyword: neuronal granule. Keyword: neuropathogenicity.
Neuroscience (2)
Tick-Borne Encephalitis (2), more mentions
... within ex vivo I. scapularis organs and provide a significant translational tool for evaluating recombinant, live vaccine candidates and potential tick transcripts and proteins for possible therapeutic use and vaccine development to reduce TBFV transmission.IMPORTANCE Tick-borne flavivirus (TBFV) infections cause neurological and/or hemorrhagic disease in humans worldwide.
Vaccines (5)
Infections (9), Encephalitis (1), Flavivirus Infections (1), more mentions
The American journal of tropical medicine and hygiene
DescriptorName: Flavivirus... of these agents are closely related to important mosquito-borne flavivirus pathogens... infected with some ISFVs are refractory to superinfection with related flavivirus pathogens; and it has been proposed that ISFVs potentially could ... the vector competence of mosquitoes and reduce transmission of specific flavivirus pathogens, such as dengue, West Nile, or Zika viruses.
Infections (2), Superinfections (1), Communicable Diseases (1), more mentions
The American journal of tropical medicine and hygiene
... potential role of Aedes albopictus (Skuse) as a vector of Zika virus (ZIKV), colonized mosquitoes of low generation number (≤ F5) from Brazil, Houston ... Grande Valley of Texas engorged on viremic mice infected with ZIKV strains originating from Senegal, Cambodia, Mexico, Brazil, or Puerto Rico... Although all three mosquito populations were susceptible to all ZIKV strains, rates of infection, dissemination, and transmission differed among mosquito ...
Infections (3), more mentions
The American journal of tropical medicine and hygiene
Zika virus (ZIKV) has a wide clinical spectrum of associated neurologic disease including microcephaly and Guillain-Barre syndrome but, despite its known neurotropism, ZIKV meningoencephalitis and myelitis have been rare complications ... We describe a case of ZIKV meningoencephalitis and probable myelitis and its associated magnetic resonance imaging findings that rapidly ...
Meningoencephalitis (3), Myelitis (3), Guillain-Barre Syndrome (1), more mentions
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