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Emergency Neuroradiology
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The Journal of emergency medicine
AbstractText: Many trauma centers have adopted routine head-to-pelvis computed tomography (CT) imaging for the evaluation of adults with blunt trauma AbstractText: We ... trauma activation patients >14 years of age who received CT imaging during blunt trauma evaluation at a Level 1 trauma center from April to October 2014 ...
The Journal of emergency medicine
... The present study examined improvements in processes of care and triage accuracy when TTA criteria include an escalated response for older ... AbstractText: A retrospective study was performed at a Level I trauma center... The trauma center significantly decreased time to first laboratory result, time to first computed tomography scan, and total time in ED prior to admission for ...
Men's Health (2), more mentions
... The recently proposed American Heart Association/American Stroke Association EMS triage algorithm endorses routing patients with suspected large vessel occlusion (LVO ... We determined the prevalence of LVO by reviewing medical record imaging reports based on a priori specified criteria AbstractText: We enrolled ... is an important consideration for any EMS stroke severity-based triage protocol and should be considered in predicting the rates of ... Keyword: cerebral infarction... Keyword: triage.
Cardiovascular Diseases (13)
Stroke (2), Cerebral Infarction (1), Acute Stroke (1), more mentions
The Journal of clinical investigation
Abstract: Conventional therapies for breast cancer brain metastases (BCBMs) have been largely ineffective because of chemoresistance and impermeability of the blood-brain barrier ... underlying mechanism that allows breast cancer cells to infiltrate the brain is necessary to circumvent treatment resistance of BCBMs... with BCBM (Lnc-BM) is prognostic of the progression of brain metastasis in breast cancer patients.
Oncology (8)
Breast Neoplasms (6), more mentions