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Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility
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DescriptorName: Adult. DescriptorName: Anti-Mullerian Hormone. DescriptorName: Biomarkers. DescriptorName: Female. DescriptorName: Follicle Stimulating Hormone. DescriptorName: Humans. DescriptorName: Infertility, Female. DescriptorName: Inhibins. DescriptorName: Ovarian Reserve. DescriptorName: Pregnancy. DescriptorName: Proportional Hazards Models. DescriptorName: Prospective Studies. DescriptorName: Time-to-Pregnancy. AbstractText: Despite lack of evidence of their utility, biomarkers of ovarian reserve are being promoted as potential markers of reproductive potential AbstractText: To ...
Anti-Obesity and Weight Loss (3)
Infertility (4), more mentions
American journal of human genetics
DescriptorName: Infertility, Female... Abstract: Oocyte maturation arrest results in female infertility, but the genetic determinants of human oocyte maturation arrest remain largely unknown... an important role for PATL2 mutations in oocyte maturation arrest and expand our understanding of the genetic basis of female infertility Keyword: Mendelian disease. Keyword: female infertility.
Female Infertility (4), Infertility (1), more mentions
Human genetics
ZP2 heterozygous mutation in an infertile woman..
European journal of obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive biology
AbstractText: To determine whether serum vaspin levels can predict the success of ovulation induction and clomiphene resistance in anovulatory women with PCOS AbstractText: We designed a prospective case control study. The study population (n=49) was composed of infertile women with PCOS who underwent ovulation induction with clomiphene citrate. Patients were divided into two groups based on their treatment response.
Journal of the American College of Cardiology 
... of stroke (pooled HR: 1.25; 95% CI: 0.96 to 1.63; I(2) = 0%) AbstractText: The small number of studies and significant heterogeneity precludes definitive reassurance about the longer term cardiovascular safety of these treatments, particularly stroke. Future studies are needed to address ongoing knowledge gaps in this area Keyword: cardiovascular disease. Keyword: female infertility. Keyword: ovulation induction. Keyword: risk factors.
Cardiovascular Diseases (9), Endocrine Disorders (2)
Hypertension (2), Diabetes Mellitus (2), Venous Thromboembolism (2), more mentions
... hazard regression analysis to estimate the effects of NASD on female infertility AbstractText: The NASD cohort had an adjusted hazard ratio (HR) of subsequent female infertility 3.718-fold higher than that of the cohort without sleep ... in the sixth year of follow up, the incidence of female infertility was higher in the NASD cohort than in the general ... that NASD patients are at a higher risk of developing female infertility Keyword: Female infertility.
Cardiovascular Diseases (2), Sleep Disorders (1), Endocrine Disorders (1)
Female Infertility (8), Sleep Disorders (4), Diabetes Mellitus, Type 2 (1), more mentions
Fertility and sterility
DescriptorName: Female. DescriptorName: Humans. DescriptorName: Hysterosalpingography. DescriptorName: Hysteroscopy. DescriptorName: Infertility, Female. DescriptorName: Laparoscopy. DescriptorName: Office Visits. DescriptorName: Pregnancy. AbstractText: To demonstrate a novel approach to office tubal patency assessment through infusing air into saline during flexible office hysteroscopy. We also provide data addressing pain and patient experience relative to hysterosalpingography (HSG) AbstractText: Video presentation of clinical technique with supportive crossover ...
Fallopian Tube Diseases (1), Infertility (1), more mentions
Clinical genetics
Here, the targeted massively parallel sequencing identified the first homozygous 1-bp deletion variant in GDF9. This finding reveals a novel inheritance pattern of pathogenic variant in GDF9 associated with POI, thus improving the genetic diagnosis of this disorder Keyword: GDF9. Keyword: Primary ovarian insufficiency. Keyword: Targeted massively parallel sequencing. Keyword: female infertility.
Primary Ovarian Insufficiency (3), Female Infertility (1), more mentions