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Labor and Delivery
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The Cochrane database of systematic reviews
... benefits and harms of a policy of planned elective repeat caesarean section versus a policy of induction of labour for women with a previous caesarean birth who require induction of labour for a subsequent pregnancy ... Primary outcomes include success of induction of labour, need for caesarean section, maternal and neonatal mortality, and maternal and neonatal morbidity.We ... mothers and babies between women who planned an elective repeat caesarean section and women who planned induction of labour when a previous birth was performed by caesarean ...
Lancet (London, England) 
... eight) with concealment by use of opaque, sequentially numbered, sealed envelopes, to receive labour induction with either oral misoprostol 25 μg every 2 h (maximum of 12 doses ... n=1) AbstractText: Oral misoprostol was more effective than transcervical Foley catheterisation for induction of labour in women with pre-eclampsia or hypertension.
Cardiovascular Diseases (2)
Pre-Eclampsia (3), Hypertension (2), Convulsions (2), more mentions
Lancet (London, England)
Oral misoprostol for induction of labour in hypertensive pregnancies..
Obstetrics and gynecology
AbstractText: To define, measure, and characterize key competencies of managing labor and delivery units in the United States and assess the associations between ... nursing was associated with a significantly higher risk of primary cesarean delivery in low-risk patients (relative risk [RR] 1.30, 95% CI ... management practices may be associated with increased risk of primary cesarean delivery and maternal morbidity.
Postpartum Hemorrhage (1), more mentions
AbstractText: Breech presentation is a leading cause of cesarean delivery... increases the success rate of external cephalic version procedures for breech presentation and reduces cesarean delivery rates for fetal malpresentation... Secondary outcomes included mode of delivery, indication for cesarean delivery, and length of stay AbstractText: A total of 240 subjects ... There were no differences in the cesarean delivery rate (P = 0.76) or indication for cesarean delivery (P = 0.82 ...
Breech Presentation (4), more mentions
Canadian journal of anaesthesia = Journal canadien d'anesthesie
... and morphine is related to the incidence of hypotension during Cesarean delivery, but results in a high incidence of pain during peritoneal ... time and hypotension and intraoperative analgesia requirements AbstractText: Women undergoing Cesarean delivery were randomized to receive an intrathecal injection of either 11.25 ... and fentanyl to prevent hypotension in 50% of patients undergoing Cesarean delivery AbstractText: , NCT01896960.
Hypotension (6), more mentions
Abstract: We recruited 144 women of whom 131 underwent scheduled caesarean section and were allocated to intrathecal bupivacaine without (46) or with (47) morphine and postoperative rectus sheath bupivacaine; or ... was no difference between women who had intrathecal morphine with or without rectus sheath bupivacaine, p = 0.98 Keyword: caesarean section.
BJOG : an international journal of obstetrics and gynaecology
... morbidity/mortality associated with midcavity operative vaginal delivery compared with caesarean delivery AbstractText: Population-based, retrospective cohort study AbstractText: British Columbia, Canada ... deliveries (2004-2014) by attempted midcavity operative vaginal delivery or caesarean delivery in the second stage of labour, stratified by indication for ... with higher rates of severe perinatal morbidity/mortality compared with caesarean delivery (forceps ARR 2.11, 95% CI 1.46-3.07; vacuum ARR 2.71 ...
Fetal Distress (2), Dystocia (2), Convulsions (1), more mentions
American journal of obstetrics and gynecology
AbstractText: Cesarean section is frequently performed worldwide, and follow-up studies reporting complications ... found in 45 % of the women with a history of cesarean delivery... aOR 1.26, 95 % CI 1.15-1.39) was increased with prior cesarean section, irrespective of whether adhesions were present or not... direct effect on organ injury by a personal history of cesarean delivery was estimated to 73 %, and only 27 % was mediated by ... Keyword: cesarean section.
Women's Health (3)
Endometriosis (3), Infections (1), more mentions
Anesthesia and analgesia
AbstractText: The objective of this meta-analysis was to determine the efficacy of glycopyrrolate at reducing spinal hypotension during cesarean delivery AbstractText: A literature search was performed to identify randomized controlled trials investigating the effect of glycopyrrolate on spinal-induced hypotension during cesarean delivery. Primary outcomes were intraoperative hypotension and vasopressor requirement (phenylephrine equivalents.
Hypotension (6), Bradycardia (1), more mentions
Obstetrics and gynecology
The outcome was cost per cesarean delivery from a health system perspective AbstractText: For unscheduled cesarean deliveries, cefazolin prophylaxis alone would cost $695 compared with $335 for ... in a savings of $360 (95% CI $155-451) per cesarean delivery... as seven additional surgical site infections per 1,000 unscheduled cesarean deliveries and nine additional surgical site infections per 10,000 scheduled cesarean deliveries, adjunctive azithromycin prophylaxis was cost-saving AbstractText: Adjunctive azithromycin prophylaxis ...
Infectious Diseases (2)
Infections (5), more mentions
Anesthesia and analgesia
AbstractText: Crystalloids are used routinely for perioperative fluid management in cesarean delivery... neonatal blood pH and 24-hour postoperative morbidity in urgent cesarean delivery in a low-resource setting... be a safe choice for intraoperative fluid therapy in urgent cesarean delivery as RL, albeit with an increased incidence of metabolic acidosis ...
Acidosis (4), more mentions
Anesthesia and analgesia
... norepinephrine for maintaining blood pressure (BP) during spinal anesthesia for cesarean delivery has been described recently... controlled trial, 110 healthy women having spinal anesthesia for elective cesarean delivery were randomly allocated to 1 of 2 groups... gas analysis AbstractText: In patients having spinal anesthesia for elective cesarean delivery, a manually titrated infusion of 5 μg/mL of norepinephrine ...
Hypotension (5), more mentions
American journal of obstetrics and gynecology
However, the causes of variation in hospital cesarean delivery rates are not well understood AbstractText: We sought to evaluate ... of illness at admission and the primary term singleton vertex cesarean delivery rate among hospitals in Washington State... This relationship persisted over time despite a statewide decrease in cesarean delivery, suggesting that patient acuity will likely continue to contribute to hospital variation in cesarean delivery rates despite perinatal quality improvement efforts ...
Canadian journal of anaesthesia = Journal canadien d'anesthesie
Strategies for prevention of spinal-associated hypotension during Cesarean delivery: Are we paying attention?.
Hypotension (2), more mentions