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Reconstruction Techniques
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Burns : journal of the International Society for Burn Injuries
... artery-supercharged occipito-cervico-dorsal (OCD) super-thin flaps to reconstruct cases of neck and face scar contracture AbstractText: This case series comprised all 82 patients with neck and face scar contracture who underwent reconstruction with an OCD supercharged super-thin flap from 2006-2015 ... Thus, it may be one of the best choices for reconstruction of neck and face scar contractures Keyword: Scar contracture.
Contracture (5), Necrosis (2), Infections (1), more mentions
The Cochrane database of systematic reviews 
This intervention probably slightly reduces infection (one study; one centre) and colonisation ... centre) based on moderate certainty of evidence.Education may improve hand hygiene compliance (two studies; two centres), low certainty of evidence ... of ABHR close to point of use probably slightly improves hand hygiene compliance (one study; one centre), moderate certainty of evidence AbstractText: With the identified variability in certainty of evidence, interventions, and methods, there remains an urgent need to undertake methodologically ...
Infections (7), more mentions
Critical care medicine
AbstractText: To synthesize the literature describing interventions to improve hand hygiene in ICUs, to evaluate the quality of the extant research, and to outline the type, and efficacy, of interventions described AbstractText: Systematic searches were conducted in November 2016 using ... screened AbstractText: English language, peer-reviewed studies that evaluated an intervention to improve hand hygiene in an adult ICU setting, and reported hand hygiene compliance rates collected via observation, were included AbstractText: Data were extracted on the setting, participant characteristics, experimental design, hand hygiene measurement, intervention characteristics, and outcomes ...
Aesthetic plastic surgery
AbstractText: Autogenous grafting with lipoaspirate and dermo-fat grafting are popular techniques employed by plastic surgeons for correcting small volume facial defects and contour deformities. These techniques however present certain disadvantages. In this article, we present the use of the buccal fat pad graft as an alternative method of correcting such facial deformities AbstractText: Free buccal fat pad grafting was ...
Plastic and reconstructive surgery
Aesthetic Facial Reconstruction after Mohs Surgery..
Annals of plastic surgery
Long-term postoperative splinting plays a role in the prevention of contracture of the grafted skin after a second-stage ear reconstruction. The scar retraction could lead to an unfavorable aesthetic outcome. Splinting could play a role to overcome or prevent the loss of projection and the obliteration of the sulcus.We have defined the characteristics of an ideal long ...
Necrosis (1), Allergy (1), Contracture (1), more mentions
Dermatologic surgery : official publication for American Society for Dermatologic Surgery [et al.]
Commentary on The Nasal Tip Rotation Flap for Reconstruction of the Lateral Nasal Tip, Anterior Ala, and Soft Triangle..
BMJ open
But preventive interventions like skin cancer screening are still missing the evidence for effectiveness and therefore ... and conditions that prove the effectiveness of prevention strategies in skin cancer AbstractText: A mixed-method approach is employed to combine quantitative to qualitative methods and answer what effects can display effectiveness considering time horizon ... and sufficient conditions to prove effectiveness and cost-effectiveness in skin cancer prevention strategies.
Oncology (6), Dermatology (1)
Skin Neoplasms (6), more mentions
Plastic and reconstructive surgery
The investigative hypothesis was that authors in the plastic surgery literature, in particular, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, underreported financial conflicts of interest AbstractText: A review of articles published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery from July of 2015 through April of 2016 for author disclosures was accomplished. The disclosure statements were compared to the information available in the Open Payments database ...
JAMA facial plastic surgery
Harnessing the Power of Data in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery-From Refuse to Riches..
Journal of plastic, reconstructive & aesthetic surgery : JPRAS
It is also generally acknowledged that a mangled hand with massive tissue loss and amputation of multiple digits presents a challenge for plastic and reconstructive surgeons ... we reviewed 11 cases of primary one-stage post-traumatic reconstruction of complex fingerless hands using a combination of toe-to-finger and free tissue ...
Plastic and reconstructive surgery
The goal is to utilize the reliable techniques of toe-to-hand surgery to reconstruct more opposable units, at least two fingers, whether adjacent to each ... as well as the thumb, when needed, to achieve functionally and aesthetically better hand instead of functionally-adequate hand, with a more acceptable to ideally ...
Journal of plastic, reconstructive & aesthetic surgery : JPRAS
... the earliest stages (0-1) of the IDEAL framework, using an innovation in bilateral DIEP flap breast reconstruction as an example AbstractText: We quantified expected costs and quality-adjusted life years (QALYs) of the ... In this example, decision modelling showed that it seems worthwhile to further develop the innovation Keyword: Breast reconstruction.
Annals of plastic surgery
AbstractText: Implant-based breast reconstruction is fraught with complications related to seroma formation... We evaluate the incidence of seroma in breast reconstruction using bioabsorbable barbed ribbon devices (BRDs) as a novel approach to PTC AbstractText: We performed a retrospective review of all patients whose mastectomy flaps were stabilized with BRDs ...
Anti-Obesity and Weight Loss (1)
Seroma (6), more mentions
Plastic and reconstructive surgery 
This study evaluated patient outcomes and tumor recurrence following mastectomy reconstruction and autologous fat grafting AbstractText: Retrospective chart review identified patients who underwent mastectomy followed by breast reconstruction from 2010 to 2015 ... 22.8 months from initial surgery; p = 0.016) AbstractText: Autologous fat grafting is a powerful tool in breast reconstruction.
Oncology (3), Cardiovascular Diseases (1), Endocrine Disorders (1)
Neoplasms (2), Breast Neoplasms (2), Hypertension (1), more mentions
Plastic and reconstructive surgery 
Despite this promising method, patients with macromastia and ptotic breasts remain a challenging group to treat satisfactorily and more often end up undergoing a difficult corrective procedure and experience an unacceptably high rate of failed reconstruction. The authors examined whether targeted preshaping mastopexy/reduction could prepare these patients for a successful nipple-sparing mastectomy/direct-to-implant reconstruction AbstractText: Patients ...
Cardiovascular Diseases (1), Anti-Obesity and Weight Loss (1)
Hematoma (1), Hypertension (1), Fat Necrosis (1), more mentions
Annals of plastic surgery
Classic techniques of delayed prosthetic breast reconstruction use the mastectomy scar as an access route ... This creates an asymmetry between the breasts with the volume changes caused by the filling of the ... may occur over several weeks and cause considerable discomfort.Delayed breast reconstruction was performed via the axillary incision made for sentinel lymph ...
Hematoma (1), more mentions
Journal of plastic, reconstructive & aesthetic surgery : JPRAS
Delayed erythematous skin reaction with SERI((R))-assisted direct to implant breast reconstruction..
Journal of plastic, reconstructive & aesthetic surgery : JPRAS
Immediate breast reconstruction (IBR) improves the quality of life of patients who undergo ... The latissimus dorsi flap (LDF) method provides particularly good aesthetic results, but its tolerance to subsequent radiotherapy remains unclear ... a questionnaire to evaluate tolerance and their satisfaction with the aesthetic results of the reconstruction.In total, 86.2% of all patients reported "very good" or "good" overall aesthetic satisfaction ...
Oncology (1)
Breast Neoplasms (1), more mentions
Plastic and reconstructive surgery
... purpose of this study was to evaluate the self-reported aesthetic outcome of breast conservation therapy (BCT) in a generalized sample of patients, and to describe potential barriers to referral for partial breast reconstruction.Consecutive BCT patients completing radiotherapy over a one-year period ... Participants completed the BREAST-Q BCT module along with a questionnaire examining feelings about breast reconstruction ...
Oncology (1)
Neoplasms (1), more mentions
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