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Pain Management (non-pharma)
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The journal of pain : official journal of the American Pain Society 
AbstractText: Pain catastrophizing (PC), defined as an exaggerated negative cognitive-affective orientation toward pain, is one of the strongest psychological predictors of pain outcomes ... controlled trials measuring PC in adults with chronic non-cancer pain... The best evidence (moderate-high quality) was found for Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), multimodal treatment, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT ... Keyword: pain management.
Oncology (2), Pain Management (1)
Neoplasms (2), Chronic Pain (1), Musculoskeletal Pain (1), more mentions
Pain medicine (Malden, Mass.)
Opioid prescribing for chronic pain, including the potential for over-reliance and misuse, is a ... the context of Veterans Administration (VA) primary care team-based pain management, we aimed to understand providers' perceptions of barriers to reducing opioid use and improving the use of nonpharmacologic pain management therapies (NPTs) for chronic pain.A semistructured interview elucidated provider experiences with assessing and managing ...
Pain Management (2)
Chronic Pain (4), more mentions
The American journal of hospice & palliative care
... tool and opioid dependence risk tool (UDT) in a noncancer palliative pain clinic AbstractText: We retrospectively reviewed the medical records for diagnostic ... information on analgesic medications, daily morphine equivalent dose, presence of pain management agreements and opioid dependence risk tools (ORT), and UDT.["ORT ... Ninety-three percent of patients had pain management agreements and 74% had ORT.
Pain Management (2)
Mental Disorders (1), more mentions
The Cochrane database of systematic reviews
... achieve reduction or cessation of prescribed opioid use for the management of chronic non-cancer pain in adults compared to controls AbstractText: For this update we ... The studies included acupuncture, mindfulness, and cognitive behavioral therapy interventions aimed at reducing opioid consumption, misuse of opioids, or maintenance of chronic pain management treatments ...
Oncology (3), Pain Management (1)
Chronic Pain (4), Neoplasms (3), more mentions
No summary available
Pain Management (1)
Acute Pain (1), more mentions
Physical therapy
Physical Therapy's Role in Opioid Use and Management during Palliative and Hospice Care..
Anesthesia and analgesia
... and guidelines on safe practices in prescribing opioids in chronic pain have subsequently emerged from professional organizations and governmental agencies, limited guidance exists for prescribers of opioids to treat pain in patients with cancer or terminal illness ... Moreover, palliative care and hospice programs appear poorly prepared for assessing or managing patients with aberrant behaviors or evidence of drug abuse ...
Oncology (5)
Neoplasms (6), Chronic Pain (2), Opioid-Related Disorders (1), more mentions
Pain medicine (Malden, Mass.)
... Disease Control and Prevention's "Guideline for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain" emphasizing the primacy of nonopioid treatment, we focused our review on nonopioid pain management AbstractText: Narrative review of peer-reviewed literature AbstractText: We searched ... contacts for high-impact, English-language studies related to the management of pain in adults in primary care.
Pain Management (7)
Chronic Pain (2), Acute Pain (1), more mentions
Journal of clinical anesthesia
Acute pain management in lumbar vertebrae re-surgery..
Pain Management (2)
Acute Pain (2), more mentions
Journal of neurosurgical anesthesiology
AbstractText: Postcraniotomy pain can be difficult to manage with opioids due to opioid-related side effects, including drowsiness ... Total 24-hour opioid consumption, pain scores, satisfaction with overall pain management, time to meet postanesthesia care unit discharge criteria, and incidence ... Patient satisfaction with overall postoperative pain management was significantly higher in the IV acetaminophen group than the ...
Pain Management (3), Muscular and Skeletal Diseases (1), more mentions
The Clinical journal of pain
... psychopharmacologic agents are used as primary or adjunct agents in pain management. Atypical antipsychotics (AAs) have also been used as adjuncts in pain management regimens in a variety of manners; however, their efficacy in ... A systematic review of all studies examining AA use for pain was conducted... The collective findings of multiple studies evaluating olanzapine in pain syndromes suggest a high yet preliminary level of evidence of efficacy, warranting prospective studies in various pain syndrome contexts ...
Pain Management (5), Muscular and Skeletal Diseases (2)
Chronic Pain (2), Migraine Disorders (2), Headache (2), more mentions
The Clinical journal of pain
... examined the acceptability and preliminary outcomes of an internet-delivered pain management program, the Pain Course, when offered by a specialist pain management clinic in a large public hospital ... potential value of internet-delivered programs when provided by specialist pain management clinics as a part of their services and the value ...
Pain Management (5), Neuroscience (2), more mentions
Journal of pain research 
Pain management, prescription opioid mortality, and the CDC: is the devil in the data?.
Pain Management (2), more mentions
Journal of pain and symptom management 
... the use of methadone as first line therapy in cancer pain management AbstractText: A systematic literature search on MedLine, Embase databases was ... 2), if they were conducted in adult patients with cancer pain, if they contained outcomes on pain and opioid-related adverse effects AbstractText: The initial search yielded ... methadone may be effective as first line drug in the management of cancer pain, providing analgesia and adverse effect profiles similar to those produced ...
Oncology (5), Pain Management (2)
Neoplasms (5), more mentions
Foot & ankle international
... the quantity of pills consumed, whether refills were obtained, their pain level, and their reason for stopping opioids AbstractText: Patients consumed ... Numerical Rating Scale pain scores started at 4 on POD 3 and decreased to ... anesthesia for outpatient foot and ankle surgeries reported progressively lower pain scores with low narcotic use up to 56 days postoperatively.
Pain Management (1)
Deep Vein Thrombosis (1), more mentions
DescriptorName: Pain, Postoperative. AbstractText: Dexmedetomidine showed some potential in pain control in patients undergoing knee arthroscopy... The primary outcome was pain scores... patients with knee arthroscopy, dexmedetomidine intervention could significantly reduce the pain scores [Std... .48) AbstractText: Dexmedetomidine intervention was able to significantly reduce the pain scores and postoperative diclofenac sodium consumption, and improve duration of ...
Pain Management (1)
Bradycardia (2), Hypotension (2), more mentions
Anesthesia and analgesia
DescriptorName: Pain Measurement. DescriptorName: Pain, Postoperative... perioperative opioid use given known acute surgical trauma and resultant pain; however, the discrete and often limited nature of postoperative pain also may make management easier in part by utilizing nonopioid modalities, such as regional ... and regional block additives in the context of providing adequate pain control while lessening opioid use.
Pain Management (1)
Opioid-Related Disorders (1), more mentions
British journal of anaesthesia
Guidelines for perioperative pain management: need for re-evaluation..
Pain Management (2), more mentions
Journal of the American Society of Nephrology : JASN
Prescription Opioids for Pain Management in Patients on Dialysis..
Pain Management (2), more mentions
Clinical infectious diseases : an official publication of the Infectious Diseases Society of America
HIVMA Pain Management Guidelines Needed to Curb Opioid Epidemic..
Pain Management (2), more mentions
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