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Trauma Anesthesia
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Anaesthesia, critical care & pain medicine
... single-centre retrospective case-control study aimed to assess the effectiveness of a multidisciplinary clinical pathway for blunt chest trauma patients admitted in emergency department (ED).All consecutive blunt chest trauma patients with more than 3 rib fractures and no indication of mechanical ventilation were compared to a retrospective cohort ...
Men's Health (2)
Respiratory Failure (1), Pneumonia (1), more mentions
Anesthesia and analgesia
... an immune response but also other noninfectious stimuli like the surgical trauma or mechanical ventilation may induce an inflammatory response of varying degree... the patient's immune system may be evoked by the use of anesthetic agents, the nature of surgical trauma and the use of any supportive therapy during the perioperative period ...
Anesthesia and analgesia
... to assess interrater reliability and identify sources of discrepancy among anesthesiologists and trauma surgeons in designating ASA PS scores to adult polytrauma patients ... attitudes regarding ASA PS classification, demographic information, and 8 fictional trauma cases was e-mailed to anesthesiologists and trauma surgeons... kappa (Kw) analysis for a subset of 201 respondents (101 trauma surgeons [S] and 100 anesthesiologists [A]), we found moderate (Kw = 0.63; SE = 0.024; 95% confidence ...
The Orthopedic clinics of North America
Opioid use has been the "status quo" of postoperative pain management but prolongs hospital stays and increases complications. Optimizing acute pain management in patients with orthopedic trauma is important and can translate into significant positive physiologic and financial outcomes. Although multiple viable examples of optimizing acute pain management in the literature demonstrate outcome improvements, implementation has not been widespread.
Pain Management (3), Muscular and Skeletal Diseases (2)
Acute Pain (3), more mentions
American journal of surgery
... and hardly on non-technical skills during the Definitive Surgical and Anesthetic Trauma Care (DSATC) integrated acute trauma surgery team training... Surgical teachers coached trainees during the highly realistic DSATC integrated acute trauma surgery team training... The current DSATC acute trauma surgery team training seems too complex for integrating training on technical ...
Intensive & critical care nursing
... the psychometric properties of Critical-Care Pain.Tool in four groups of non-verbal patients according to their Richmond Agitation Sedation Score (RASS).65 critically ill patients (medical, surgical, trauma) were assessed using the critical care pain observation tool on six occasions (before, during and after nociceptive and non-nociceptive ...