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Geriatric Anesthesia
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BMC geriatrics
... cohort study to investigate the relationship between existing comorbidity of elder patients and 30 day post-anesthetic mortality by using International Classification of Diseases, 9th Revision, Clinical ... Insurance Database.Patients aged above 65 years old who received anesthesia between 2000 and 2010 were included from 1 million Longitudinal ... employed to investigate the factors affecting death 30 days after anesthesia.Thirty seven comorbidities can independently predict the post-anesthetic mortality.
Kidney Disease (1)
Intracranial Hemorrhages (1), Chronic Kidney Diseases (1), Kidney Failure (1), more mentions
Chinese medical journal
In the future, the perspective of geriatric anesthesia needs to be expanded into perioperative geriatric medicine to improve the perioperative management strategy based on the postoperative outcome-directed concept transformation.Anesthesiologists should evaluate the physiological and medical status and focus on ... complications in the perioperative setting with the goal to enhance elderly patients' long-term well-being and survival quality.
Neuroscience (1)
Delirium (1), more mentions
Der Anaesthesist
Unilateral spinal anesthesia (USpA) has been reported to potentiate spinal anaesthesia and is used in geriatric patients ... of 0.5% hypobaric bupivacaine and 0.5% hypobaric ropivacaine USpA for geriatric patients (age ≥ 70 years) undergoing elective hip replacement surgery.A total of 60 geriatric patients (age ≥ 70 years) undergoing elective hip replacement surgery were ... Effective anesthesia was defined as a T10 sensory blockade level maintained for ... side within 10 min after injection with no additional epidural anesthetic required during surgery.
Anesthesia and analgesia
Anaesthesia for the Elderly Patient, 2nd ed..
Men's Health (2), more mentions
Patients were divided into two groups: group 1 - general anaesthesia and group 2 - spinal anaesthesia. The primary outcome measure was the effect of mode of anaesthesia, general versus spinal, on mortality within 30 days, six months and one year after surgery.General anaesthesia (EndoTracheal Anaesthesia) was administered in 77 patients (67%; group I - ETA) and spinal anaesthesia in 38 patients (33%; group 2 - SPIN ...
Journal of neurosurgical anesthesiology
AbstractText: Elderly patients have an increased risk of a stress response during extubation after general anesthesia ... the stress response and improve the quality of recovery in elderly patients after elective supratentorial craniotomy AbstractText: In this prospective randomized ... of postoperative recovery, and decrease incidence of postoperative complications in elderly patients undergoing elective supratentorial craniotomy.
Current opinion in anaesthesiology
The neurotoxicity of several volatile anesthetics may contribute to cognitive functional decline, and the impact of intravenous anesthesia on cognitive function requires further exploration. Multimodal analgesia may not outperform traditional postoperative analgesia in preventing postoperative delirium. Furthermore, acute pain and chronic pain may exacerbate the cognitive functional decline of patients with preexisting cognitive impairment.
Chronic Pain (1), Delirium (1), Acute Pain (1), more mentions
Current opinion in anaesthesiology
... relevant principles of these programmes as applied to an increasing elderly population AbstractText: Elderly patients undergoing less radial surgical resections without lymphadenectomy have comparable ... Hypotension, low values for bispectral index and low anaesthetic gas mean alveolar concentration values are common and independent predictors of mortality in the elderly ... Paravertebral blockade is preferred to epidural anaesthesia because of a more favourable side-effect profile and comparable ...
Hypotension (1), more mentions
Journal of neuroinflammation
... POD in aged patients AbstractText: This prospective study recruited 120 geriatric patients who underwent hip surgery... All 120 patients were then subjected to general anesthesia... random-effect multivariable logistic regression indicated that HS administration before anesthesia was associated with a low risk of POD (odds ratio ... significantly related to POD AbstractText: HS can alleviate POD in geriatric patients and may inhibit the secretion of inflammatory factors by ...
Delirium (6), more mentions
Clinical interventions in aging
Postoperative delirium is associated with anesthesia, postoperative pain, and patient factors... OR] 1.47, 95% CI 0.98-2.23, p=0.066), and general anesthesia (OR 2.25, 95% CI 1.17-4.43, p=0.015... CI 0.97-3.56, p=0.064), and higher American Society of Anesthesiologists grade (OR 2.33, 95% CI 0.90-6.07, p=0.083.
Muscular and Skeletal Diseases (1)
Delirium (13), Parkinsonian Disorders (1), more mentions
Abstract: We examined the impact of adding sufentanil during anaesthesia induction with propofol on bispectral index values in elderly patients (≥ 65 years... Sufentanil co-induction with propofol results in higher bispectral index values at loss of consciousness in elderly patients Keyword: EEG. Keyword: elderly. Keyword: monitoring. Keyword: opioids. Keyword: sufentanil.
Unconsciousness (3), more mentions
... evaluate the predictive value of the ACS-NSQIP calculator in geriatric patients undergoing lumbar surgery.A total of 242 geriatric patients who underwent lumbar surgery between January 2014 and December ... age (P = .004), functional independence (P = 0), American Society of Anesthesiologists class (ASA class, P = 0), dyspnea (P = 0), dialysis (P ...
Spinal Stenosis (1), Dyspnea (1), Kidney Failure (1), more mentions
The outcome of cryosurgery was evaluated in 18 men and 11 women, aged 58 to 83 years, who were treated with two freeze-thaw cycles of liquid nitrogen under local anesthesia, after requisite preparations. Of the 29 patients, 27 had complete clearance of the lesions in the course of 3 years of follow-up, while only 2 had a recurrence ...
Basal Cell Carcinoma (2), Neoplasms (1), more mentions
Investigative and clinical urology
... assess it is a feasible option for many frail and elderly men unsuitable for surgery.We reviewed patients who underwent insertion ... transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP) under general or spinal anesthesia... migration, occlusion, refractory urinary retention and irritative voiding symptoms.In elderly and frail men with BOO deemed unsuitable to undergo TURP ...
Urinary Retention (3), Urinary Bladder Neck Obstruction (2), more mentions
BMC anesthesiology
... commonly associated with Horner's syndrome due to spread of local anesthetic to the cervical sympathetic chain... OPP.Thirty patients scheduled for ambulatory shoulder surgery under regional anesthesia with a single-shot ISB (15 mL 0.5% bupivacaine and ... be considered as a safe regional technique of choice in elderly patients at high risk for developing glaucoma.
Ophthalmology (1)
Glaucoma (1), Horner Syndrome (1), more mentions
PloS one
AbstractText: Elderly patients undergoing hip fracture surgery (HFS) are at increased risk ... mechanical thromboprophylaxis for the prevention of VTE following HFS in elderly patients AbstractText: Of 539 consecutive patients aged 70 years or ... was investigated in both groups AbstractText: The American Society of Anesthesiologists grade was higher (p = 0.016) in the study group and ...
Muscular and Skeletal Diseases (3), Cardiovascular Diseases (2)
Venous Thromboembolism (2), Deep Vein Thrombosis (1), Pulmonary Embolism (1), more mentions
Hypervolemic infusion was performed during the induction period of general anesthesia... In both RL and Gel groups, blood pressure has a significant fluctuation in elder patients.Hypervolemic infusion of these solutions during the induction of anesthesia can improve gastric mucosal perfusion. HS can maintain a more stable hemodynamic effect when used with caution in patients with preoperative hypernatremia.
Pneumoperitoneum (2), Hypernatremia (1), more mentions
The Laryngoscope
American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) score of 4 or greater, and operating room (OR) time ≥6 hours were independently associated with serious complications, whereas age ≥90 years, overall severe comorbidity score, presence of preoperative dysphagia, and large extent of resection were associated with increased risk of death in ... Keyword: elderly.
Oncology (2)
Head and Neck Neoplasms (2), Deglutition Disorders (1), more mentions
DescriptorName: Geriatric Assessment... Initial indications, including iron deficiency anemia (IDA), other anemias, GI bleeding, weight loss, and GI symptoms, were noted, as were endoscopy or anesthesia complications, immediate endoscopic diagnosis, and the ability to modify the patients' therapeutics. Deaths and final diagnosis for initial endoscopic indication were analyzed after at least 12 months.We included 55 patients, 78% women, with ...
Blood Disorders and Hematology (2), Oncology (2), Gastrointestinal Diseases (1)
Anemia (2), Neoplasms (2), Gastrointestinal Neoplasms (1), more mentions
Neurocirugia (Asturias, Spain)
Chronic subdural hematoma (cSDH) is a common pathology encountered in neurosurgical practice, especially in elderly patients, who frequently require antithrombotic agents... The standard neurosurgical procedure was a single burr hole under local anesthesia with insertion of a subdural drainage. Questionnaires and telephone interviews were used to assess the clinical outcome using the modified Rankin Scale (mRS.
Chronic Subdural Hematoma (2), Hematoma (2), Subdural Hematoma (1), more mentions
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