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Anesthetic Pharmacology
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British journal of anaesthesia
Getting the dose right: anaesthetic drug delivery and the posological sweet spot..
American journal of nephrology
Many studies have demonstrated the organ-protective effects of some anesthetic drugs, specifically propofol, which indicate the potential of some anesthetics to introduce novel organ protective targets ... Here, we review the effects of different anesthetic drugs - specifically those that contain lipids in their structure, with special reference to IR injury Keyword: Anesthetic drugs ...
Kidney Failure (1), Ischemia (1), Reperfusion Injury (1), more mentions
BMJ global health 
... used and summarised the effects of different combinations of interventions on practices AbstractText: Forty-six studies met the inclusion criteria and covered the specialty groups of obstetrics and gynaecology (n=9), paediatrics and neonatology (n=4), intensive care (n=4), internal medicine (n=20), and anaesthetics and surgery (n=3.
Basic airway management success was essential for traditional inhalation anesthesia (ether, chloroform) and for the use of the new anesthetic agents (cyclopropane, halothane) and intravenous drugs (thiopental, curare, succinylcholine. By the end of the era, the superiority of intermittent positive pressure ventilation to spontaneous ventilation in anesthesia and negative pressure ventilation in resuscitation had been demonstrated and accepted, and the ...