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Heart Failure
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... susceptibility regions and novel biomarkers linked to myocardial dysfunction and heart failure, we performed the first multi-omics study in myocardial tissue ... conserved across tissues, rendering these CpGs novel epigenetic biomarkers for heart failure... the first epigenome-wide association study in living patients with heart failure using a multi-omics approach Keyword: DNA Methylation.
Heart Failure (5), Dilated Cardiomyopathy (2), more mentions
Journal of the American Heart Association 
... the cell type specificity of telomere shortening in patients with heart failure in relation to their cardiac disease, age, and sex AbstractText: We studied cardiac tissues from patients with heart failure by utilizing telomere quantitative fluorescence in situ hybridization, a highly ... Patients with heart failure demonstrate shorter cardiomyocyte telomeres compared with nonfailing donors, which is ...
Heart Failure (5), Cardiomyopathies (2), Hypertrophy (1), more mentions
Journal of the American Heart Association 
Keyword: heart failure. Keyword: splanchnic compartment. Keyword: stress and unstressed volume. Keyword: vascular capacitance.
Heart Failure (2), more mentions
Journal of the American Heart Association 
... sNEP) levels and long-term all-cause, cardiovascular, and acute heart failure (AHF) recurrent admissions in an ambulatory cohort of patients with heart failure ... Reducing the recurrent admission rate of heart failure patients has become an important target of public health planning ... strategies AbstractText: We measured sNEP levels in 1021 consecutive ambulatory heart failure patients.
Cardiovascular Diseases (1)
Heart Failure (8), more mentions