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Endocrine System Cancer
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JAMA otolaryngology-- head & neck surgery 
... overdiagnosis, it is essential to understand the natural course of thyroid cancer growth detection by ultrasonography screening in young patients AbstractText: To evaluate the natural progression of thyroid cancer in young patients AbstractText: An observational study evaluated changes in the diameter of malignant or suspected malignant thyroid tumors on 2 occasions ...
Oncology (9)
Neoplasms (10), Thyroid Carcinoma (9), more mentions
Journal of clinical oncology : official journal of the American Society of Clinical Oncology 
... trametinib (MEK inhibitor) combination therapy in BRAF V600E-mutated anaplastic thyroid cancer, a rare, aggressive, and highly lethal malignancy with poor patient ... Results Sixteen patients with BRAF V600E-mutated anaplastic thyroid cancer were evaluable (median follow-up, 47 weeks; range, 4 to ... to have robust clinical activity in BRAF V600E-mutated anaplastic thyroid cancer and was well tolerated.
Oncology (4), Orphan Diseases (1)
Thyroid Carcinoma (4), Neoplasms (1), more mentions
AbstractText: Papillary thyroid carcinoma (PTC) is the most frequent endocrine tumor... mimicking P16 functions) synergistically induces stronger apoptosis than single agents in resistant-cells and in anaplastic thyroid tumor cells harboring the heterozygous BRAF(WT/V600E) mutation AbstractText: Critically, our findings suggest for the first ... Keyword: papillary thyroid cancer preclinical model.
Oncology (2)
Neoplasms (5), Thyroid Carcinoma (3), Isochromosomes (1), more mentions
... immunoprofiling, computational biophysics, and functional assays to identify T-cell antigens in long-term survivors of pancreatic cancer... circulating T-cell reactivity to both high-quality and MUC16 neoantigens in long-term survivors of pancreatic cancer, including clones with specificity to both high-quality neoantigens and predicted cross-reactive microbial epitopes, consistent ...
Oncology (4)
Pancreatic Neoplasms (3), Adenocarcinoma (2), Communicable Diseases (1), more mentions
BMJ (Clinical research ed.) 
DescriptorName: Pancreatic Neoplasms... 748 breast cancer, 12 537 lung cancer, 11 488 colorectal cancer, 4369 ovarian cancer, 1896 pancreatic cancer, and 1627 neuroblastoma) and 84 418 controls.Exposures Four single ... the risk of incident colorectal, breast, prostate, ovarian, lung, and pancreatic cancer and neuroblastoma, which was evaluated with an inverse variance weighted ...
Oncology (21)
Neoplasms (8), Colorectal Neoplasms (4), Prostatic Neoplasms (4), more mentions
Nature reviews. Clinical oncology 
Several multikinase inhibitors with activity against RET have been explored in the clinic, and confirmed responses to targeted therapy with these agents have been observed in patients with RET-rearranged lung cancers or RET-mutant thyroid cancers. Nevertheless, response rates to RET-directed therapy are modest compared with those achieved using targeted therapies matched to other oncogenic drivers of solid ...
Neoplastic Cell Transformation (1), more mentions
JAMA otolaryngology-- head & neck surgery 
Rethinking the Growth Pattern of Thyroid Cancer in Young Patients Based on the Fukushima Database..
Oncology (2)
Thyroid Carcinoma (2), more mentions