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Radiology in the News
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Health Imaging
Toshiba to showcase large-bore CT for rad-onc planning... the applicability of its Aquilion LB (for large-bore) CT system to planning radiation therapy for cancer patients at ... Improving visualization with clearer CT images at a lower dose is necessary for radiation therapy planning,” Dominic Smith, head of Toshiba’s CT, PET/CT and MRI business units, says in the release ...
Oncology (3)
Neoplasms (1)
Health Imaging
X-ray reads of long-dead Londoners relevant to healthcare today ... historically verifiable age-at-death information examined by a radiologist as well as an osteologist... The radiologist worked with x-rays of the crania, humeri, pelvises, femora and tibiae ... They suggest their present study is applicable to future radiology research and practice, as “radiological analysis might identify past variations in disease patterns that ...
Muscular and Skeletal Diseases (1)
Osteoporosis (1)
Health Imaging
Military scientists use PET/CT to shed longitudinal light on Zika. Scientists with the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) have used PET/CT with the radiotracer 18F-DPA-714 to find and longitudinally track brain inflammation in mice infected with the Zika virus. Reporting their research in Molecular Imaging and Biology, lead author Kyle Kuszpit ...
Infectious Diseases (1)
Infections (2), Communicable Diseases (1), Encephalitis (1)
Health Imaging
PET/CT a dependable differentiator of types, origins of space-occupying ... PET/CT with fluorine-18-fluorodeoxyglucose (18F-FDG), the most commonly ... The researchers further found that 18F-FDG PET/CT helped distinguish primary from secondary malignancies, with ramifications for ... Radiologist Nilendu Purandare, DNB, DMRD, and multidisciplinary colleagues at Tata ... brain who were referred for an 18F-FDG PET/CT scan.
Oncology (3)
Lymphoma (8), Neoplasms (4), Glioblastoma (2)
... cancer is no longer visible on the post-treatment MRI that the biopsy specimens from a MRI guided biopsy will accurately diagnose a complete tumor response ... will undergo percutaneous MR guided biopsy by study Breast Radiologist within 0-60 days of completing NAC... Tumor site amenable to MRI guided biopsy as determined by the radiologist.
Oncology (12)
Neoplasms (13), Breast Neoplasms (8), Breast Diseases (1)
Health Imaging
Children’s ERs choosing ultrasound over CT for tummy pain; general ERs encouraged to follow suit ... with nontraumatic abdominal pain are less likely to receive CT scans—and more likely to be imaged with ultrasound instead—in pediatric emergency departments than their peers taken ... primary interest was in identifying trends in utilization of ultrasound versus CT in pediatric-specific and general ED settings.
Men's Health (3), Pediatrics (1)
Health Imaging
25K exam includes full-body MRI, cardio CT—but critics question its usefulness... Longevity Inc., or HLI, a startup company founded by Craig Venter, is offering the comprehensive set of tests, known collectively as Health Nucleus, which includes a full-body MRI scan, a cardio CT scan and cognitive examsn.
Cardiovascular Diseases (1), Oncology (1)
Atrial Fibrillation (1), Neoplasms (1)
Daily Mail (United Kingdom)
X-ray burst spotted in the Milky Way's 'galactic bulge'... We reported the detection of a type I X-ray burst from the poorly studied transient X-ray source IGR J17445-2747 in the Galactic bulge, which ... allows it to be identified as a low-mass X-ray binary where the compact object is a neutron star ...
Ultra High Field Magnetic Resonance Imaging as a Biomarker for Premotor Parkinson's Disease - Full ... prospective observational study investigating the utility of 7 Tesla MRI to quantify nigrosome1 signal in a cohort of individuals ... Other: MRI... Ultra High Field Magnetic Resonance Imaging as a Biomarker for Premotor Parkinson's Disease... Other: MRI.
Neurological and Central Nervous System Diseases (13), Neuroscience (1)
Parkinson Disease (13), REM Sleep Behavior Disorder (6), Parkinsonian Disorders (2)
Effects of High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) Treatment on Fecal Continence and Anorretal Fisiology - Full Text View. Experimental: Experimental Group. Thirty (30) consecutive patients indicated for treatment of prostate cancer with HIFU (FocalOneR, Edap TMS, France) will be selected to the manometry study before the treatment together with the application of specific questionnaires (Cleveland Clinic Incontinence Score-CCIS, Fecal Incontinence ...
Urology (2), Oncology (1)
Fecal Incontinence (1), Prostatic Neoplasms (1)
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